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5 Jaw-Dropping Natural Ponytail Extensions At Indique Hair

Ponytails are the go-to hairstyle for any occasion, whether looking for a fresh glam look or wanting to cover your hair on a bad day. But what if your ponytail isn’t giving you the lift or vibrancy you desire? Like the Ariana Grande ponytail, we’ve all been eyeing, the secret to this look is clip-in extensions.

We know we can always rely on one style to carry us through workdays, weekends, and everything in the confusing world of flawlessly undone waves and high-maintenance hairstyles. 

But how are you going to get all of that? Ponytail hair extensions are the ideal solution. 

There are many cute ponytail hairstyles for you to wear, from high ponytails to low ponytails. Indique Hair has it all, and today we will look at five of their best ponytail hair extensions to persuade you to try a ponytail as your next hairstyle. Let’s get started!

Remix Blow-Out Ponytail

Remix blowout ponytail

The REMIX BLOWOUT PONYTAIL hair extensions by Indique are ready-to-wear drawstring pieces that are easy to wear and remove. Just insert the comb and pull. Coloring the Remix Collection by Indique is not recommended, as the extensions are pre-dyed to a 1B tone.

The Remix Blowout Ponytail is a machine-drawn hair extension 100% virgin to ensure the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. It has a straight texture pattern that looks natural, like blown-out hair.

Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail

Remix relaxed straight ponytail

A medium luster hair that looks like silk-pressed natural hair. It is 100% virgin hair that has been machine-drawn. The cuticles are aligned and facing the same direction to provide the most natural look.
They are pre-dyed to a 1B tone.

Remix Wavy Ponytail

The REMIX WAVY PONYTAIL collection by Indique has a high luster with soft tousled waves, so you can style them to have those beachy waves for any occasion. They are pre-dyed to a 1B tone, so the professionals do not recommend coloring. 

They are also machine-drawn with cuticles facing the same direction—a very natural-looking alternative for those who want to have wavy ponytails.

Remix Curly Ponytail

Remix curly ponytail

They are looking for a curly ponytail extension that looks natural and is versatile in styling. The REMIX CURLY PONYTAILS is just the one for you. They are ready-to-wear extensions with drawstring pieces. 

You need a comb to pull it and are ready to wear it. The remix collection by Indique is pre-dyed hair extensions dyed to a 1B tone, so it is not recommended to color them.

Remix Organic Curl Ponytail

They have a low luster and have cork-screw patterns for those who like extra braided ponytail extension. They are also dyed to a 1B tone. They are machine-drawn virgin hair with cuticles aligned in the same direction to give it that natural look.


These were 5 of the best ponytail hair extensions available at Indique Hair. They are not determined to these products; they are a one-stop shop for all your hair requirements.  Visit the website now and experience it for yourself. A premium quality hair product for your premium personality


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