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5 Smooth Scotch Whiskey For Beginners To Try

Scotch whiskey is an expensive, distinguished, and classy drink with a great reputation. It is superior quality alcohol, fine-tuned and perfected through the years. Yet, for beginners, finding the subtle beauties of fine and smooth scotch is not always easy.  

This complex spirit prepared from barley may or may not be smoked on a peat fire, offering whiskey its characteristic smoky flavor.  

As for beginners, they can try going for scotch whiskey varieties that combine vanilla, oak, and caramel notes with spicy or fruity undertones. This flavor blend offers the best qualities of scotch whiskey while creating a delicious drinking experience.   

Let’s delve deeper to get an idea of 5 smooth scotch whiskeys that can be a perfect choice for beginners. 

Dimple Aged 15 Years Blended Scotch Whiskey  

Boasting a rich history of over 300 years, over 30 grain and malt whiskies, and a bottle design that hardly goes unnoticed, the classic blended Dimple Pinch scotch whiskey is a variety that even beginners immediately recognize.  

With the native Glenkinchie blend that offers this scotch whiskey 15 years richer and smoother taste, Dimple Pinch is a result of John Haig’s experiments incorporating a mix of different types of whiskeys. Since 1893, the year of Dimple’s final release, its production methods and traditions have remained the same, offering every individual the same mellow and classic taste of blended scotch.  

Dimple Pinch’s distinctive lozenge-shaped bottle design with pinched or dimpled sides and gold thread netting is another feature that has made this whiskey an integral part of popular culture. With a short finish and 43% ABV or Alcohol By Volume content, this scotch whiskey in light amber color presents soft and elegant notes of honey, malt, and fruit.  

It even features bits of pear and green blended with lemon. While the background features light woody notes, no spicy notes are on the nose.  

As for the palate, you may find fruit and malt notes, while the medium body features banana, oak, honey, and pear. This easy-drinking summer scotch may have a few rough edges requiring mellow water, and it starts delicate and gets better with sips 2 and 3, with more flavors after adding a few drops of water. 

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Bank Note 5 Years Blended Scotch Whiskey

The Bank Note 5 Years Blended Scotch Whiskey is a must-try for beginners looking for a budget-friendly option. This well-rounded drink is known for its potency and flavor and is also one of the most amazing liquors you can keep handy for almost any occasion- a wedding, poker night, or funeral. 

Made using mature malt and grain whiskey, the Bank Note 15 Years scotch whiskey is distinct, exclusive, and complex. While the mature malt offers a deeper, richer base with sufficient character, the grain whiskey blend keeps it within an affordable range. 

Tasting notes of this whiskey include milk chocolate, creamy vanilla nougat, grainy malts, and slightly astringent and bitter lemon zest. 

The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old Scotch Whiskey 

If there were a whiskey that served as the instant gateway to fresh and clean air and lush green hills, then Glenlivet 12 Years Old would rightly be it. Characteristically bright and bursting with floral, grassy, and fresh fruit notes, Glenlivet 12 Year Old is the best-selling single malt worldwide.  

The whiskey boasts juicy and zingy green apples, crystallized pineapple, vanilla, and a hint of citrus that makes it surprisingly smooth. It is delicious and blends beautifully in different cocktails and drinks. You can have it with a splash of lemon, ice, soda, or even an apple wedge as garnish. 

Highland Park 12-Year-Old and Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old 

With 40% ABV, Highland Park 12 Year Old is among the finest single malt scotch whiskeys aged in American and European sherry-seasoned barrels for 12 years to develop the best flavor and color profile.  

Perfect for beginners, this impressive scotch whiskey variety is known for its natural smoky aroma and flavorful profile. The rich flavors of fruit cake spice, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in this single malt whiskey are sure to please the taste buds of the fussiest whiskey lovers. 

Its 40% alcohol content has made it for beginners. With over 175 years of history, this scotch whiskey is widely known for its tasting notes and mellow tones. Its complicated layers of varied flavors, honey and orange to creamy vanilla, and a peat-smoke aroma make it ideal for beginners who want aged whiskey filled with flavor.  

Aged in bourbon barrels for ten years, you can expect this high-quality scotch at an affordable price. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Beginners looking to learn more about scotch whiskey and its varied flavors should have their hands on Johnnie Walker Black Label. That’s because the whiskey offers everything a beginner requires to understand scotch flavors.  

With a rich flavor profile with a hint of peat and the perfect balance of spice, toffee, and citrus, this whiskey boasts a long finish where the flavors just keep coming. This full-bodied spirit is a well-rounded scotch with the perfect blend of fruity and vanilla characteristics. 

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There you have it! As a beginner in discovering the best scotch whiskies, if you do not know where to start, the list above may help you out. Dive into these regional and single malt varieties so you have a well-rounded pallet to taste any scotch, regardless of its maturity. 

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