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5 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia

Is fibromyalgia getting you down? Unfortunately, there are a lot of side effects to this disorder that can disrupt your day and, generally, lower your quality of life. This can include pain and stiffness, as well as feeling very tired all the time and even having trouble sleeping. Many people start to feel down with this disorder, which can mean they cancel plans with friends, do not fully enjoy their hobbies or struggle to work.

But, know that there are things you can do to fight back against fibromyalgia. This can allow you to improve your quality of life and gain some freedom back. Here are five ways you can do this.

Try Massage Therapy

Have you ever had a massage before? This is a treatment that is said to have many benefits for the body. Indeed, it may be able to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia. For instance, massage therapy is thought to help ease pain and tension through pressure and strokes, as well as increase blood flow. It may even help with muscle stiffness and when you are feeling run down. What’s more, if you feel like you struggle to sleep, this might be a good way for you to relax.

Therefore, if you have not tried massage therapy before, this is something you can use to fight back against fibromyalgia. If you want to read more about how massage therapy is beneficial to those suffering from fibromyalgia, you can head to Spa Theory’s blog. They discuss this in more detail and allow you to make at-home massage appointments.

Have Warm Baths

Most people with fibromyalgia suffer from soreness and stiffness. This can be enough to stop you from doing your favorite activities. But, there are ways you can ease your discomfort and make yourself feel better. For example, you can look to increase blood flow in the body and relax.

One way you can do this is by having regular warm baths. The warmth of the water can help to boost your blood flow, allowing it to return to the areas of the body where you are suffering from discomfort. What’s more, it can be relaxing to bathe, which can ease tension in the muscles. Therefore, set time aside to have a bath, making the place as relaxing as possible.

Figure Out Stress Triggers

If there is one thing most people agree that triggers their fibromyalgia symptoms, it is stress. When you are feeling overwhelmed, you may notice that the pain and discomfort you have is worse. So, what is the best thing you are going to be able to do? Make time to relax and control how you are feeling.

In particular, you need to figure out what is triggering your stress. For some people, it might be their workload. For others, it could be other responsibilities at home that fall on your shoulders. Either way, work out what is triggering stress and then work on reducing this. Perhaps organization can help you or get a loved one to help you with the responsibilities you have.

Have a Sleeping Schedule

There is something that is a vicious cycle when it comes to fibromyalgia. We are talking about sleep. You can have trouble getting to sleep at night, yet you can feel exhausted during the day. Many people find it hard to get quality rest and this can make symptoms worse.

While it is easier said than done, you need to work on creating a sleeping schedule. When you go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time, your body will know what to expect. This can help create tiredness when you need it and to wake up naturally and energized. You should also spend time winding down before bed, such as forgetting about electronics and anything with a bright screen.

Create an Exercise Plan

Many people do not feel like exercising when they have fibromyalgia. But, this is something you should try to do on a regular basis. Of course, it does not mean that you have to run a marathon. Instead, you just have to build up your exercise tolerance and make sure that you are building muscle strength over time. You can find that this helps with pain and stiffness.

So, you want to commit to a regular exercise plan. This can be simply going cycling or swimming. You can also go for a walk when the weather is nice. Find ways that you can enjoy exercise in a relaxing and fun way. Indeed, when you do this, you are more likely to stay committed to the plan. You can even do activities with a friend, which can give you some motivation on days you do not feel like exercising and getting outside.

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