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6 Ways to Avoid Your Bed Sheets From Shrinking

Does your bedding shrink regularly? Are you sick and weary of needing to buy new bed sheets all the time because your current bedding is too tiny for your duvets? Bedding shrinking is annoying, but it’s not inevitable. All it takes is a few easy measures to prevent it cold. Here are a couple of tips to keep your bed linens such as the fitted flannelette sheets from shrinking during the whole washing procedure. 

Why Is My Bed Sheets Getting Smaller?

Whenever the weave of the fabric becomes tighter, shrinking occurs. Since every fabric is composed of numerous threads which are woven together, the thread count is important to consider whenever purchasing bedding. Additionally, improper washing might cause the threads to come closer together. Reduced shrinking is achieved by having more threads because there is less room for them to move.


Although the Victorians boiled their washing, we have advanced greatly after that! The only thing you’re accomplishing when you wash laundry in extremely hot or cold temps is causing damage to the fabric.

Over Washing:

Bed sheets shrinkage may happen with prolonged washing. In a similar vein, bed linens may shrink if washed on an excessively hard cycle. Temperatures should be kept low, and the delicate process should be used whenever feasible.


Avoid over-drying things! Ascertain the duration required for the product to dry entirely and stop drying it after that point.

Using A Tumble Dryer:

Although tumble drying happens quickly, it is most likely the primary cause of the shrinking. The least harmful way to the threads is to dry items on an air or washing line. To assist in avoiding heat-induced shrinking, consider employing the cool-down option at the end of the cycle if you have to put the mattress in the dryer. Whenever using a tumble dryer, try to use the shortest and coolest settings possible.

Fabric Sorting:

Whenever placing linens in the dryer, attempt to group comparable materials. Assuring that no portion of the load is too dried involves pairing products with comparable wash and dry timeframes. The fibre composition of your laundry should be sorted first because it has an impact on drying times. In summary, avoid washing or drying towels with your bed sheets if you likewise supply them.


Not always is it the laundry! Additionally, you need to be cautious about ironing distortion. Fabrics containing polyester frequently shrink because the ironing procedure distorts them rather than because shrinking occurs naturally. That is the disadvantage of using poly-cotton bed sheets instead of 100% cotton. For instance, ironing a duvet made of poly-cotton at a temperature higher than 165°C causes the polyester to become softer.

The freshly softened threads stretch in the direction of the action as the iron is dragged across the fabric. This gives the impression that the fabric has shrunk in the washing, but in reality, the iron has rearranged the threads. Every time it is ironed, this stretching impact will grow more noticeable. In the end, you need to iron the fabric below 165°C to avoid ironing distortion.


Sometimes, you may stop your bed sheets from contracting even before you purchase it! It is an excellent idea to carefully check the proportions when buying bed sheets. Certain stores offer pre-shrunk bedding, meaning that there ought to be less shrinkage while washing. Try a poly-cotton combination for the type of cloth. One should anticipate a slight shrinkage in bedding with a high cotton content but a low thread count. While 100% cotton bed sheets is popular due to its pleasant texture and airflow, blends made of poly-cotton continue to feel amazing and shrink far less.

Commence With Excellence:

If your business offers bed sheets as a service, you should make sure that it’s of the highest calibre available. Replacing bedding regularly is not only costly but also harmful to the planet.  

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners:

A detergent doesn’t necessarily work better on your bed sheets simply because it contains harsh substances. Heavy-duty cleansers, on the other hand, have been shown to deteriorate the fibres of premium Egyptian cotton. Use mild detergents and stay away from bleaches & liquid fabric softeners if you would like to prevent damage and shrinkage to your linens.

Clean the Bed Sheets Independently:

It’s easy to wash your towels, shirts, duvet cover and bedding in the same load. The truth is the fact that washing these things together may harm in the long run. Not only may buttons and zippers rip your bedding, but washing too much at once can cause drying periods to increase. Reduce the sum of time your bed sheets spends heating up in the dryer and increase its longevity.


In actuality, fabric shrinkage is common. You are not required to start doubting the mattress’s quality after hearing that it would shrink after washing. In actuality, fabric shrinkage has very little—nearly insignificant—impact as long as it is managed appropriately. Consequently, you ought to constantly review the washing label and follow the recommended washing instructions before purchasing new bed sheets.

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