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7 Site Where Can I Get the Most Up To Date NBA News?

In the last decade, online newspapers were the only available traditional sources for NBA enthusiasts to find news about the game, its scores, standings, rumors, trades, and other associated subjects. Today, NBA news sites permeate the online social media culture with headlines posted on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter every minute. 

These sites discuss pro-NBA in detail, and they are the right sources where much of the NBA news coverage is centered. Their formats allow users to explore breaking NBA news instead of waiting for evening sports segments of papers and news to be published the next day. 

And, they reach a larger audience with free NBA news and open comments for discussions, videos, and related content. Plus, users can find stories on all imaginable NBA topics using the links on the sites. So, without further delay, let’s explore the seven best NBA news sites:

1. NBA.com

This website features podcasts, top stories, season previews, history, and more about the NBA that every basketball enthusiast would like to know. It helps you find NBA scores update along with action-packed game pictures, discussion forums, and player blogs. 

Up-close NBA news coverage includes behind-the-scenes glimpses of the sport and an extensive picture gallery. Fans can find the 2023-24 season schedule, key dates, in-season tournament schedule, live stream schedule, tickets, and league pass schedule.

There are details about different NBA teams and players, along with player statistics, starting lineups, and even a store where you can shop for official NBA gear, including jerseys for men, women, and kids, footwear, hats, and hardwood classics. The NBA League Pass section takes you closer to the game, letting you live every angle of the game with enhanced data overlays and exclusive streams. Sign-up is free for this section.

Besides headlines, team previews, and trending news, they even have storylines for fans to check out the players that are most fun to watch and even the teams. Its extensive database lets you compare teams and players, and there’s even a section completely dedicated to expert opinion. 

For player comparison, simply put two players that you would like to compare side by side, and you will get everything, starting from career games to statistics. With 360-degree coverage of every rebound, foul, and slam dunk, plus team analysis and game results, NBA.com is undoubtedly one of the best sites featuring NBA news-heavy content.

2. Rotoworld

One of the best sites to check out the fantasy value of NBA players, along with general statistics and injury status, Rotoworld features premium content and excels in providing detailed player news. Although it produces less content, whatever it has on offer is of premium quality, starting from pricing to packages. 

The Player News section on the site is simply fantastic, quite comprehensive, and updated on a regular basis. Their Season Pass for the NBA has features like custom scoring, weekly positional tiers & rankings, top 200 9-cat rankings, backcourt report, frontcourt report, player tracker, projections, trade analyzer, and statistics.

3. Patricia’s Various Basketball Stuff

This no-frills NBA news website features no crazy fonts, pictures, or advertisements but plain information, probably lots of it. Created by Patricia Bender, the site covers basic NBA information, such as team scores, standings, and rosters, along with listings of NBA’s player salaries and retired numbers. And the text-only format of this site makes it perfect for PDA browsers and mobile phones.

4. HoopsHype.com

Probably one of the most popular NBA news sites in the world, HoopsHype brings the world’s basketball-related blogs and news, including NBA. Besides being a neatly presented NBA news site, it covers everything from minor leagues to international basketball games and even prison leagues. 

The bible for NBA fans, this site also features sections providing team and player salaries, NBA Draft, transactions, and blogs and articles from former and current NBA players, such as Eddie Johnson and leading NBA columnist Roland Lazenby.

5. Bleacher Report

Check out Bleacher Report for everything related to the NBA, from scores and players to predictions and stats. A division of Turner Sports, Bleacher Report is the 2nd largest sports website in the world and one of the leading digital destinations for NBA team and player-specific content and real-time game coverage. 

And now, with an app, this site makes it more convenient for fans to access everything about the game on the go and any preferred device. It is a leader in social-first, real-time, mobile-first NBA content, reaching 250M+ people per month. It has the potential to support all kinds of traffic spikes at scale.

6. Yardbarker

This online portal for NBA and other entertainment and sports-related news covers everything, from popular topics, like Yardbarker Originals, sports betting, and trades & transactions, to breaking news. Besides these, you can find quizzes and options for entertainment news covering movies, TV, music, streaming, travel, health, food, drinks, and lifestyle. 

7. NBC Sports

Are you looking to watch the latest MBA clips or have your eyes on top NBA headlines? NBC Sports is the right option. Here, find all the details related to the NBA, from NBA Player news to schedule, statistics, and standings. There’s a separate section called Teams where you can find everything about the teams playing in the NBA tournament. Besides the NBA, this website also covers sports news on college basketball, soccer, NFL, horse racing, rugby, golf, and so on.


There’s hardly anyone who does not like the NBA, but with all the details to keep up with, starting from player statistics, game schedules, injuries, and trades, it becomes difficult to keep current with the ever-changing NBA landscape. So, the NBA news websites above will get you covered like never before.

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