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9 Common Misconceptions About Flying In A Private Jet From Orlando

You’re not the only one who has wondered what it might be like to take a private flight out of Orlando International Airport. The number of individuals seeking the ultimate in luxury vacation is driving up the popularity of private aviation. Private aviation continues to be widely misunderstood, which has led to uncertainty and discouraged some people from further investigating their alternatives despite its rising popularity. In this blog article, we dispel a number of widespread misconceptions regarding flying privately out of Orlando so that everyone may have a clear picture and decide how they wish to fly in confidence. So, let’s begin to feel at ease with the notion of departing on your very own private charter

  • Private Jets Are Too Expensive For The Average Person

Contrary to common assumption, private jet travel from Orlando is quite inexpensive. When scheduling a private flight, there are various options to save money, including block-time programs and empty leg flights, which provide much lower costs than conventional charter services. Additionally, some operators even provide you access to fractional ownership, which enables you to own shares of the plane and lower the cost of jet chartering. If the price is still a worry, you might want to think about enrolling in one of the operators’ flight-sharing programs, which let you split the cost of your private plane with other travelers.

  • You Have To Book Months In Advance

While making a reservation in advance might help guarantee availability, it is not always required. There are several choices for last-minute travelers, even though many private charter firms advise booking at least two weeks in advance to get the best rate and lock in a certain aircraft type. Many operators provide block time packages and empty leg flights that provide significant savings on same-day or subsequent flights from Orlando International Airport. You may frequently count on your operator’s adaptability and individualized attention to make the flight happen if it is last-minute. Furthermore, the private jet to Orlando might be ready within two hours or less of the confirmation, making it a great choice for trips with limited time.

  • Private Jets Are Only For Business Executives

Private aircraft aren’t just for affluent businessmen; however, they do provide a simple solution for busy executives to save time while flying owing to their ease and efficiency. Leisure visitors looking for a premium vacation without compromising on comfort or convenience are increasingly taking advantage of private jet travel from Orlando. Private flying in Orlando is now considerably more affordable than ever because of its numerous discounts and fractional ownership schemes. Even some companies focus on offering customers who want to see the globe from the air an inexpensive private jet trip!

  • You Have Limited Flight Options

With private chartering, you have the flexibility to plan your own schedule and travel whenever and wherever you like. Private aviation is a terrific option to quickly go to distant locations or visit tiny airports that are not serviced by commercial airlines because there are more than 12,000 airports in the United States alone. Without having to adhere to commercial airlines’ timetables or worry about connecting flights or layovers, you may go when and when you choose. Private planes can also carry big groups, which makes them a great option for special occasions like weddings or family reunions.

  • Private Jet Ownership Is Necessary To Fly Privately Out Of Orlando

Flying privately from Orlando does not need private jet ownership. Many companies that offer private flights also offer charters, which let clients arrange their own specially designed journeys without having to buy or commit to an aircraft. For people who only sometimes use a private flight, this is frequently a more affordable choice. It is the most adaptable and practical method to enjoy a private jet flying from Orlando. 

  • You Don’t Have To Worry About Long Lines Or Security Checks

Private chartering gives the option of skipping long queues and security procedures in contrast to crowded commercial airports. Your journey will be stress-free and centered on your comfort; there won’t be any crowds or delays, and you’ll board your aircraft right away without having to endure time-consuming security procedures. The procedure is straightforward: Your operator will notify the airport in advance of your arrival and will handle all ground handling duties so that you can just show up at the terminal before boarding. 

  • Planes Can Be Customized To Fit Your Needs And Wants

You may customize your flying experience to meet your preferences and needs in addition to the convenience of avoiding the airport lines and security checks. You may choose customized food, bring dogs on board, select entertainment, and, if needed, select extra seating. Whether it be tiny, mid-sized, or huge cabins, planes may be built to fulfill different needs and goals. Private jets come in numerous sizes that are suitable for any occasion.

  • Private Charters Are Only Available In Small Airports

Although smaller airports like Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) and Leesburg International Airport (LEE) provide private charter services, significantly bigger airports like Orlando International Airport (MCO) provide a wider selection of operators and aircraft. Private flights from MCO provide access to the airport’s full-service facilities, including a 5-star hotel, shops, and dining establishments. The airport is a great option for individuals who want to travel swiftly because it also offers a lot of runways.

  • It’s Difficult To Find The Right Operator

It doesn’t have to be difficult to choose the ideal private flight provider for your upcoming vacation outside of Orlando. It’s crucial to choose a reliable company with expertise in offering secure charter flights; you can do this by reading online reviews, evaluating prices, or browsing websites like Charter Brokerage, which offer a comprehensive list of private jet operators. Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that a company you choose has all the required insurances and is properly certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 


In conclusion, the aforementioned widespread myths regarding taking a private plane out of Orlando are untrue. For last-minute passengers, business executives, and vacationers, there are several possibilities for flying privately out of Orlando, which is more reasonable than ever. Without having to worry about long lines or security checks, you have the freedom to personalize your experience and go whenever you choose. Finding the ideal operator who fits all of your demands is simple with the availability of trustworthy operators online. 

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