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Activated charcoal is naturally acceptable for use by adolescents

Charcoal that has been active

atedI had no idea what activated charcoal was until the package containing it arrived at my house. Then came the exciting bit, which was when I actually had to start using it. And let me tell you, I was quite apprehensive, primarily due to the fact that it is black, and I was concerned that it would stain whatever it touched. Activated charcoal was a component that was on my mother’s long list of things that she wanted me to experiment with. 

Charcoal House was kind enough to supply the activated charcoal, and I strongly encourage you to read the blog article that my mother wrote on activated charcoal. My mother is quite knowledgeable about the subject, and she added a lot of useful information to her post.

Hair Dye Made With Activated Charcoal

When I first started using activated charcoal hair dye, I decided to start with something straightforward like dying my hair because I was so nervous to even touch the charcoal. In addition to the fact that it caused the hair to change color, this also had the additional effect of removing dangerous pollutants from the body. So I got the ball rolling.

Recipe for hair dye

  • 1/4 cup flax seed, crushed to a fine powder.
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered activated charcoal
  • a half a cup of water

Directions: Warm the water in a small saucepan just until it begins to get warm; once it reaches the desired temperature, remove the pan from the heat source immediately. After that, incorporate the activated charcoal, and while continuing to stir, add the flax seed little by little until everything is thoroughly combined. 

To use on hair, apply: After wetting your hair, apply the mixture in an even layer across the entirety of your head. Cover your hair with a plastic grocery bag or a shower hat. Wait at least 45 minutes before washing it out, but you can wait for much longer than that. After that, you should wash it out and use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. This will allow the colour to stay in your hair for longer.

Pimple Zapper

To put this into perspective, doing this to get rid of zits is almost as effective as using magic. Never before has anything worked so quickly and continued to keep the pimple away. It required only one application of the activated charcoal to achieve the desired results. The only thing I did was moisten the skin around my zit, and then I applied some activated charcoal powder to the affected region. After letting it sit for ten minutes, I washed it off with warm water, and the zit was gone!!!! My next step is to apply activated charcoal to my face, which I shall do now.


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