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An Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Right Window Glazing

Windows are quintessential elements of a property. One needs to design a window in a way so that it aligns well with a homeowner’s goals pertaining to daylight use, security, and ventilation. The demand for window glazing and doors is peaking in popularity for good reasons. They are meant to lock in warmth, keep noise out, and add an aesthetically pleasing charm to a property.

If you are keen to increase the thermal performance of your property, choosing the right glazing becomes all the more necessary than aesthetics. Besides this, you need to make sure that you work with experienced glaziers in Birmingham.

Window glazing types are different for different areas. What suits your property most is the key thing to consider first. Before we dig deeper into the nitty gritty of different glazing types, let’s know what window glazing is all about.

An Overview of Window Glazing

When it comes to making a property more energy-efficient, nothing can be more effective than window glazing. Essentially, window glazing means installing glass into a window frame. The term ‘glazed’ describes the number of panes of glass a window has.

The more panes of glass a window has, the more insulation you can expect. A single-glazed window refers to the one with one pane of glass, a double-glazed window uses two panes of glass and a triple-glazed window contains three panes of glass.

Your property’s thermal performance depends largely on the type of glazing you choose.  According to Birmingham glaziers, windows that help absorb as much heat as they lose are ideal for those seeking to improve their properties’ thermal capacities. They have the rating of A to G depending on the amount of heat the glass absorbs in a specific period of time. In most cases, double- and triple-glazed windows are worth considering, when it comes to cutting down on energy bills.

According to Energy Saving Trust, A-rated double-glazed units help save more money on utility bills than single-glazed windows.

Different Types of Window Glazing

Choosing the right glazing option for your window means knowing the difference between the types of glazing. After all, your decision is going to have an impact on the performance of your window.

Insulated Glass

If energy efficiency is something you are after, insulated glass is your best bet. The multiple panes of glass and argon gas (filled in the spaces between) help reduce heat loss. A double pane insulated glass includes two panes separated by a gas, whereas a triple pane insulated glass unit contains three panes of glass.

Noise Reduction Glass

The more panes of glass, the less outside noise. Noise reduction glass units are meant to reduce the amount of sound wave from outside. It’s a suitable choice for homeowners living nearby a busy road.

This glass uses two thicknesses of glass and a sound dampening PVB layer between the two panes. Thanks to the different thicknesses, the soundwave energy gets disrupted, reducing noise transference to a significant extent.

Window Safety Glass

Experts use a heat treatment process to strengthen the performance of window safety glass. If you reside in an area where glass is a potential hazard, safety glass is the answer.  

Structured Glass

This type of glazing is popular among property owners willing to increase natural daylight in internal spaces. This affords homeowners and architects an opportunity to create an open, airy and light atmosphere inside the building in the most compelling way.  

Laminated Safety Glass

If security is your number one priority, nothing can be as effective as lamented glass units. Workers create a laminated safety glass by combining two panes of glass around a layer of polyvinyl butyral. A high intensity heat and pressure fusion method is used to make this glass stronger and more durable.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass would be an ideal choice for homeowners seeking enhanced privacy. The glass is tinted with color to make a space look aesthetically pleasing. A tinted glass helps reduce the amount of sunlight and UV rays being penetrated into a property.

Solar Reduction Glass

This type of glazing uses a special metal oxide coating. This is to reduce the amount of heat penetrating the surface of the building. Solar reduction glass also helps prevent short wave radiation from entering the house. A solar reduction glass is an ideal choice for properties that are south-facing as they encounter more sunlight during the day.

If you are eager to reduce cooling costs during summer, you can never go wrong with solar reduction glass.  

Double-Glazed Windows

When a window contains two panes of glass with the separation by a gap to create a thermal barrier, it is what you call double-glazed option. It is possible to fill the gap between the panes with Argon, Krypton or Xenon gas to add a boost to the window’s thermal efficiency.

Triple-Glazed Windows

Unlike double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows are designed to provide extra insulation as it uses triple panes of glass. If you are into making your home more energy-efficient and saving money on utility bills, triple-glazing can be a lucrative option. Triple-glazed solutions are more popular in chilly areas.

Double Versus Triple-Glazing: Which Is Better?

While triple-glazed windows cost more than double-glazed windows, if you consider the value of your investment, the results will be surprising. Not to mention that you will reap the benefits of increased security, durability and noise reduction by opting for a triple-glazed window.

Triple-glazing is only a logical investment if you have some specific energy goals for your property. However, if you do end up choosing double-glazed windows over triple-glazed ones, you will barely encounter big issues down the line.

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The choice between double- and triple-glazing is entirely an independent decision. There are some pros and cons of both the choices, which you may want to consider before deciding on a glazier in Birmingham. After all, the type of glazing you choose for your window will have a significant impact on the thermal performance of your home.

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