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Bored Of Mainstream Sitcoms? Check Out These Must-Watch Spanish Comedies

With people having busy routines and a lot of things to worry about, there is a dire need to find some entertainment and a source that incites laughter, and shot-lived happiness, at least. Watching comedy movies is among the top choices for people looking for opportunities to find humor and laugh at it.

Well, if you are someone who loves comedy and does understand Spanish, we have got a treat ready for you. Drum roll, the most hilarious Spanish comedies that will leave you laughing aloud. So, are you ready? 

Wait up; before you hop on the list, here is a quick disclaimer. Make sure your internet connection is reliable enough to enjoy every bit of the show without distortion. Well, to be on the safe side, you must think of subscribing to CenturyLink, which guarantees superfast internet with no data caps. On top of that, you may contact Centurylink servicio al cliente en español to learn about exclusive deals from Spanish CSR. 

Anyway, once you are ready, get yourself in for a hilarious ride:

  1. Los Misterios de Laura (The Mystery of Laura)

Broadcasted on LA1 and Televisión Española from 2009 to 2014, Los Misterios de Laura is a prime-time Spain-set drama comedy. The show surrounds a Renaissance woman, Laura Labrel, played by Maria Pujalte. 

She is a police detective who has a disorganized personal and professional life but has a profound interest in solving intriguing cases. What makes this a super hilarious show is Laura’s pleasant, super-easy personality and how she solves the odds around her in her personal and professional life. 

This is a great option to have a good laugh, but it also offers a dose of crime and mystery, spicing up the plot. So, all in all, it is good, fun-filled show to start off with. 

  1. Teatro x Wi-Fi (Theatre x WiFi)

Are you a theatre lover? Or, do you have a kick for learning acting? Well, this Spanish-Argentinian show will teach it all. No, we are serious. But the thing is, this is a comedy show, and you should expect things to be fun and laugh-worthy. 

In all honesty, you will find yourself rolling on the floor throughout the show. Also, it is a perfect show to watch if you are at the preliminary stage of learning Spanish as Estanislao, the energetic host, talks to the audience as if he is talking to children. 

  1. La familia P. Luche (The Plush Family)

La familia P. Luche is a Mexican family sitcom that ran on TV from 2002 to 2012. Well, its long run is enough to attest to its popularity and reception by the audience. Anyway, this sitcom is about a dysfunctional family living in a city, with a lot of plush fabric, thus the name The Plush Family. 

This show offers all the family drama coated with a comic touch. So you will not only giggle out on jokes but relate to real-life situations as well. Besides catering to your laughter needs, this show will teach you plenty of terms used in daily life. 

  1. Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is a 2017 Spanish film that is simply a Spanish version of the Italian film “Perfetti Sconosciuti.” The film is about four couples, life-long friends, who meet over dinner. In the evening, they plan to play a game in which they keep their phones in the middle of the table and read out all incoming messages, and listen to the phone calls loud. 

Do you know what happens, then? You must watch it straight away. In sum, this movie is fun and hilarious. The cherry on the cake, you will some exceptional performances. 

  1. Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows)

Started in 2015, Club de Cuervos is a Mexican comedy show that culminated in 2019. It is about two siblings, who inherit their father’s football club. If you have any siblings, you would relate to the sibling rivalry and family drama that ensues in the show. You would sign up yourself for some super funny content aided with drama around compelling characters.

Bottom Line

If you are up to watching some Spanish comedy shows over the weekend, then you may choose from any hand picks we have listed for you in the article. We assure you that you will have fun and a laughing time. So, ready to experience the best comedy now?

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