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Find Out Top 5 Brown Hair Color Ideas For Morena

In the Philippines, the term Morena is used to describe people with brown skin. Now, one thing about hair colors is that not every color suits everyone! There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on hair color. 

One such important determiner regarding choosing a particular hair color is skin tone. In this article, I will discuss how brown-related color shades look great on Morena’s skin.

Keep reading to find out more about it!

Why Is Brown The Ideal Hair Shade?

In the Philippines, the term Morena is used to describe people with brown skin. To bring out your eyes and make your skin appear brighter, what you need to do is, choose a color that is either darker or lighter than your skin tone. For, instance you will notice that pale people with brighter-colored hair appear to be glowing. The key over here is to simply add contrast. 

While that is kept in regard, you should also be careful while choosing the desired hair color’s undertone. The undertone of your hair color should be different and contrasting to that of your skin color. 

Hence, Brown is the shade that you should be going for as it is very low maintenance. It is also a type of hair color that most Philipinos already have. With the correct tone and shade, it is bound to make you look more gorgeous.

The Top 5 Brown Hair Colors For Women

Here are the top five hair colors for women to try out this year:

#1 Matte Ash Brown

This color hue features a much cooler tone of the brown shade. It is best suited for morenas who are cool-toned. It is also more on the subtle side of hair color. It isn’t anything drastic making it ideal for beginners to try out.

#2 Milk Tea Brown

This is more of a brighter hair color. This shade is great for creating more of a contrast. Doing this shade will ensure that your complexion appears more lively and healthy as well.

#3 Dark Ash Brown Balayage

The dark ash-brown balayage is for a more effortless and natural look. For those who do not know, a balayage look is a technique where a stylist or a professional adds or sweeps the highlighting colors by using their hands, and this results in a very natural look.

Doing this technique will add a bit of depth to your locks. It is very natural and can be done right on top of the natural hair. It looks best if paired with a brown shade of hair. 

#4 Golden Brown Glowlights

Glowlights are a great way to add dimension to the hair. It does not look like highlights though, where they are done with a much more contrasting color so that the colored strands stand out a lot amidst other hair strands. 

When this type of hair highlight is placed under natural sunlight, they glow in a subtle way. It makes the hair look really voluminous. They look more eye-catching if done atop an ash brown base.

#5 Mushroom Brown Foilayage

The Mushroom brown foliage makes the hair look much more sunkissed. The technique of doing this hair is the same as that of balayage. This hair color looks very stunning when done on a dark base. The cool undertone of this shade makes the skin glow in a healthy way. This hair shade is a much better option than copper brown hair color for Morena.

Those were the top 5 hair color for morena skin.

Hair Maintenance Tips After Coloring Your Hair

Here are some tips to follow through after you have colored your hair:

1. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

The key to keeping your hair healthy post-coloring is by keeping it hydrated. Hair usually tends to become very brittle and dry during the process of hair coloring. It loses all the moisture so you should actively work on repairing the lost moisture of your hair. You could also try deep-conditioning your hair. That will make your hair appear shiny and soft.

2. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Immediately After

It is a rule that you are not supposed to shampoo your hair for a total of seventy-two hours. If you do still decide to shampoo your hair then it will only make the hair dye fade away and make your hair appear more dull, just instantly. 

3. Choose A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Applying a sulfate-induced shampoo on your hair is a terrible idea as it will strip your hair of its moisture and color. If you want to make sure that the color you did on your hair remains for a much longer time then try to use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates in it. you might want to switch to organic shampoos.

4. Avoid Applying Heat To Your Hair

If your hair coloring process included the application of bleach then you should follow this more. Your hair has already been fried enough XD. No need to add more fuel to the fire, quite literally. Your hair might start breaking off, hence avoid the usage of heat tools.

To Wrap It Up!

Embrace and love your Morena skin even more by dying your hair in these colors. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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