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Cost of Breast Cancer in Germany

The interaction of a disrupted lifestyle and genetic predisposition is causing the advent of different life-threatening illnesses in contemporary times.

Did you know breast cancer has become the world’s second most frequent cancer? You will also be amazed to know that it is also responsible for about one out of every four cancer cases in women worldwide!

Breast cancer is a serious health issue that must be addressed urgently. Because the illness is potentially fatal, an advanced and potentially expensive therapy becomes necessary.

Regarding selecting the best place for breast cancer treatment, Germany may be a suitable option due to its well-established healthcare system and advanced technologies. The breast cancer cost in Germany usually ranges from USD 18900 to USD 23100, which is generally affordable as compared to treatment costs in other countries. 

Let us go deeper into the topic better to understand the illness and the affordability of treatment!

What is Breast Cancer, and How is it Caused?

It is a type of cancer that begins in the breast tissue. It develops when abnormal cells in the breast tissue proliferate uncontrollably, causing a lump or mass that can be felt as a lump in the breasts. The illness is usually observed in females, but in rare cases, it can also occur in males.

Although the specific causes of breast cancer are unknown, research has discovered some variables that may raise the chance of acquiring the illness. Among the known risk factors for breast cancer are hormonal factors, genetics, family history, and lifestyle habits of a person.

There are several varieties of breast cancer, some of which develop slowly while others are more aggressive and can spread fast to other body regions. 

Early identification and treatment are critical in increasing the likelihood of a favorable result. Mammograms and other forms of screening procedures can help in detecting breast cancer when it is more likely to be curable. 

What are the Symptoms?

Some noticeable symptoms of breast cancer are mentioned below:-

  • Breast alterations in size or form.
  • Nipple discharge or a change in nipple appearance.
  • Swelling, redness, or other skin changes on or near the breast.
  • Tenderness or pain in the breast.
  • A breast bulge or thickening in the underarm region.

Breast cancer symptoms vary based on the individual and the stage of cancer. Some patients with early-stage breast cancer may have no symptoms, while others may have one or more signs. As a preventive strategy, one should always self-examine to look for any lumps or hardness in the breast or armpit area.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy are all popular therapies for breast cancer. These therapies may be administered singly or in combination and may need many rounds of treatment over several months or even years. Some procedures under breast cancer treatment are mentioned below.

  • Surgery: Surgery is the initial treatment option for breast cancer. It is performed to remove the malignant tumor from the breast. Breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy are the two basic forms of breast cancer surgery.
  • Radiation Treatment: Radiation treatment is frequently performed following surgery to eliminate leftover breast tissue cancer cells. To destroy cancer cells, high-energy X-rays are used in the treatment. Radiation therapy is often delivered in Germany utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment that uses chemicals to kill cancer cells. The medications are often supplied by intravenous (IV) infusion or orally. Chemotherapy is frequently administered in conjunction with surgery and radiation therapy to improve treatment results.
  • Hormone Therapy: Hormone therapy is a treatment in which medications are used to counteract the effects of estrogen in the body. Oestrogen is a hormone that has been linked to the formation of some forms of breast cancer. Women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer are advised for hormone treatment. Hormone treatment is often provided as a tablet in Germany.
  • Targeted Therapy: It targets certain genes or proteins that contribute to cancer cell development and dissemination. Targeted treatment is frequently advised for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer in Germany. HER2 is a protein that promotes the development of some forms of breast cancer.

What is the Cost of Breast Cancer in Germany?

Breast cancer treatment costs are generally expensive worldwide, but it is widely seen as affordable in Germany due to the country’s universal healthcare system. 

The treatment plan includes preoperative diagnostic tests, surgery costs, preoperative costs, medicines, and the patient’s hospital stay. Breast cancer prices in Germany range from USD 18900 to USD 23100 for chemotherapy and from USD 900 to USD 1100 for a breast biopsy. The total average cost is USD 20000, which makes Germany an ideal and affordable fit for breast cancer treatment.

Furthermore, many hospitals and clinics in Germany provide medical tourism packages to overseas patients, including travel, lodging, and medical care. 

These packages have the potential to be cost-effective while still providing patients with access to high-quality healthcare in Germany.

Best Doctors for Breast Cancer Treatment in Germany

  • Dr. Med. Marek Budner– Dr Med. Marek Budner is one of the most qualified doctors in Germany who has over 31 years of professional experience as a Surgical Oncologist. His specialties include breast illness detection and therapy, surgical treatment of mammary carcinomas, oncoplastic breast surgery, plastic, and reconstructive breast surgery, and colposcopic diagnostics in the lower genital tract. 
  • Prof. Dr med. Karl-Jurgen OldhaferProf. Dr. med. Karl-Jurgen Oldhafer is a Surgical Oncologist with over 33 years of experience in the field. He specializes in treating biliary illnesses, gallbladder tumors, liver ailments, and cirrhosis. He earned a medal for the best transplantation study in 1995 and a reward for the best report, “Hyperthermic isolated liver perfusion (HILP) with tumor necrosis factor,” in 1997. 
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Bartels- Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Bartels Prof. has over 34 years of expertise as a Surgical Oncologist. Hepatobiliary surgery, pancreatic surgery, minimally invasive treatments, and colorectal and cancer surgery are among his clinical interests. 
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Martin Strik- Prof. Dr. Med. Martin Strik is a Surgical Oncologist with over 23 years of specialization in the field. His clinical interests encompass Surgical Oncology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Upper and Lower GI Oncologic Surgery, Pancreatic and Hepatic Surgery, Oesophagus, and Stomach Surgery, Colorectal Surgery (both malignant and benign), Abdominal Soft Tissue Tumours (Sarcomas), Coloproctology, Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, and Incisional Hernia Surgery. 

Breast cancer cost in Germany is quite economical, and it is provided by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who employ cutting-edge medical technology. 

Patients in Germany may be confident that they will receive the best possible care and treatment. You may undoubtedly select Germany for high-quality, low-cost breast cancer therapy! 

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