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Different Types of Light and Weather Fastness Testers

How fabrics perform during washing, dry-cleaning, rubbing, perspiration or following exposure to different kinds of water is of course vital information for manufacturers.

Light fastness testing is an essential part of the process to assess a material’s performance in different environments. It gives manufacturers confidence in their products and helps them extend ranges and enter new markets.

Xenon Arc Test Chamber

The Xenon Arc Test Chamber is a powerful tool for researching and testing the durability of materials. It is designed to simulate natural weathering conditions, such as light and rain, temperature, and humidity.

The chamber uses a long arc xenon lamp and rack sprays to mimic the natural environment’s sunlight, temperature, humidity, and rainfall. This allows technicians to evaluate the color fastness, aging resistance, and other properties of materials.

Xenon arc testers produce visible, infrared and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which makes them the best simulation of full-spectrum sunlight. However, they are also filtered to reduce unwanted radiation. This is done by using different types of glass filters, which depend on the material being tested and its end-use application.

We offer a wide range of Xenon Arc Testers for evaluating the accelerated weathering of a variety of products and materials. From the Xe-3, which provides the equivalent of 24-hour summer sun exposure in one test room, to the Xe-1, which is the smallest tabletop xenon arc tester available, we can help you get the results you need at a price you can afford.

The Xenon Arc Tester is an excellent choice for researchers, manufacturers, and quality inspectors who want to test the aging resistance of their materials. It is affordable, full-featured, and can provide precise control of critical test parameters including spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black standard temperature.

Water-Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester

The Water-Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester is a type of testing machine that simulates natural weather conditions such as rain, temperature and humidity to determine the color fading, aging, transmittance, peeling and hardness of a variety of materials. It uses a 4500W water-cooled xenon lamp to accurately replicate the full spectrum of sunlight, while the irradiance sensor monitors and adjusts the irradiance automatically to ensure accurate and consistent results.

It also employs an intelligent climate control system to regulate the chamber temperature, the chamber humidity and the black panel and black standard thermometers at specimen level, making it a highly reliable test machine. Moreover, this machine is equipped with a self-circulation system and an air filtration system to significantly reduce the environmental requirements of the test.

This Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester is ideal for light color fastness, sunlight perspiration color fastness and solar radiation aging tests of rubber, plastic, coating, petrochemical, car, textile industrial products and other materials. Its ability to simulate a wide range of climatic conditions is an essential feature, as it helps test the material’s fading, aging, transmittance, and peeling characteristics. Besides, it can also be used to test other performance changes such as hardness and softness.

Air-Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester

The Air-Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester is used for testing color fastness and aging of colored materials. It can be applied to textiles, leather, artificial leather, plastics, dyes, coatings, paints, and other colored materials.

The tester uses a full-spectrum xenon lamp to simulate sunlight, and a combination of temperature, humidity, rain, and other climatic conditions to evaluate the color fastness, aging resistance, and other performance changes of the tested material. This method is more optimized and reliable than the traditional Xenon Arc Test Chamber, so it can be used to provide more accurate and consistent results for light fastness and aging tests.

It can also be used to perform a compound color fastness test, with simulated rain, spray, alternating light and dark conditions. It can be used to simulate the fading, softening, hardening, and peeling of the material products, which is useful for evaluating the quality of the product.

This light & weather fastness test machine has multi-point adjustment functions, including online control of the light intensity, automatic detection, and compensation of light energy. It also has closed-loop temperature and humidity control, and blackboard temperature circuit control. It can also display test data as figures, charts and curves on a large color screen. It is an effective tool for testing color fastness, aging resistance, and composite color fastness of various products, such as coatings, paper, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc.

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