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Discover the Hottest Trends in Boutique Clothing

From colors and design to fabrics and style, these websites spot emerging fashion trends. These sites also feature runway shows and stylish ad campaigns from fashion brands.

Ruffles, puffs, and frills are all over the catwalk and high street this spring. This oversized trend is perfect for those looking to show off their personality with a one-and-done look.

1. Miniskirts

There was a time when the miniskirt was a bold, provocative fashion statement. In the ’50s and ’60s, when political youth movements arose and women were gaining independence through jobs, the pill, and feminism, designers like Mary Quant, Andre Courreges, and Yves Saint Laurent began showcasing skirts that hit below-the-knee.

Though today, hemlines rise and fall based on designers’ whims rather than any real cultural shift, the history of this abbreviated item tells a compelling tale of women’s struggle for equality. The spring 2022 micro mini skirt — also known as the Miu Miu skirt, which has 900 searches per day on Lyst — is a clear indication that this fashion classic is back. And here’s how you can capitalize on it. This season’s mermaid vibes call for flowing, iridescent fabrics with iridescent shine and a flattering fit.

2. Denim

Fashion is often a reflection of the zeitgeist and when it comes to jeans, this popular fabric is definitely having its moment. With the vast array of styles available, from colored to destroyed, denim is all about individuality.

Denim is a sturdy cotton textile commonly used for blue jeans and other clothing. It has a distinctive diagonal ribbing and a sturdy twill weave, which gives it its characteristic appearance.

The name “denim” was derived from the French serge de Nimes, meaning cloth from Nimes, which was a port city on the Mediterranean coast of France. The fabric was originally named after Nimes because it was shipped there to be made into work pants for sailors. The fabric was eventually called denim because it became very fashionable in America, inspired by cowboy films and Marlon Brando’s rebellious image.

3. Bags

Whether they’re shopping for the latest summer fashion trends or looking to revamp their summer wardrobe, shoppers are searching for items that are as versatile and sustainable as they are stylish and trendy. This includes wholesale boutique clothing.

A bag is a flexible container, typically made of cloth or leather and worn over one shoulder with a long strap. It was originally designed to collect and transport more items than could readily be held in the hands.

The spring season is a great time to stock your boutique with the hottest clothing and accessory trends. These include maxi skirts, floral prints, mermaid vibes, and high shine metallic pieces. Adding these pieces to your store will help customers refresh their closets after a long winter of cold and grey.

4. Graphic Tees

Whether it’s a branded T-shirt for your favorite clothing brand, a band tee commemorating a tour, or an illustration that supports a good cause, graphic tees are a fashion statement in their own right. Originally worn as counterculture symbols and later used by savvy brands as marketing tools, graphic tees have been a staple in the music industry and in the world of fashion since the 1960s.

The best thing about a graphic tee is that it goes with any outfit. Dress it down with relaxed denim, bike shorts, and sneakers or a pair of fitted jeans and a blazer for a more polished look. You can even wear it with pajama pants or lounge shorts for a cool-girl feel.

5. Flare Pants

For those aching for something other than skinny jeans, flare pants are the solution. This wide-leg silhouette is popular for both men and women and offers a balanced proportion that flatters most body types.

The oversized trend isn’t just in jackets this year, it’s also found in bottoms and dresses. From floor-skimming maxi skirts to frothy shirts and camisoles, this is one trend Gen Z will likely embrace for years to come.

For a more feminine take on this trend, try a fit-and-flare dress with a fitted babydoll silhouette on top and a slight A-line flare at the bottom. This creates a flattering silhouette and is versatile enough to wear to work or play. Embrace this summer style by stocking your boutique with a variety of colors and patterns.

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