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eClinicalWorks EMR Demo And Its Reviews

eClinicalWorks EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software package is available for a wide variety of medical practices. It has a few distinct advantages over the competition, including its telemedicine capabilities, its ability to work with other EHRs, and its relatively low cost. If you’re looking to switch to an EMR, read on to learn what the software offers and whether it will be right for your practice.


eClinicalWorks is a powerful and comprehensive EHR solution. It is suited for small, medium, and large medical practices. With eClinicalWorks, doctors can easily communicate with their patients and streamline the entire clinical documentation process. As a result, it can improve patient care and healthcare management.

This cloud-based EHR serves over 850,000 physicians and medical professionals worldwide. The platform enables users to access patient information from any location. In addition, the eClinicalWorks portal is easy to use for patients. They can view a doctor’s schedule, check-in, and make appointments. Also, eClinicalWorks is HIPAA-compliant.

Although eClinicalWorks has great features, it’s not perfect. Some users have reported system bugs, and there are frequent glitches. However, it generally works as expected.

eClinicalWorks is also known for its frequent updates. For example, the company recently launched an inpatient module for ASCs. Another major feature is the ability to create customized appointment types. Additionally, eClinicalWorks offers free webinars.

eClinicalWorks’ patient portal gives patients the ability to submit claims. In addition, patients can make prescription refill requests. eClinicalWorks’ EHR software is also easy to use. Besides, it can easily accommodate data from all other EHRs. Moreover, it is easy to code for billing.

eClinicalWorks’ technical support isn’t the best in the world. It takes several minutes to get through to a customer service representative. Moreover, it can be confusing. During my experience with the support team, I often found myself clicking on the wrong button. Lastly, I had to create a ticket to request help.

Despite these issues, eClinicalWorks is arguably one of the better EHR solutions available. Ultimately, it has a fair price, good client support, and a lot of useful features.


If you are looking for an EMR and practice management solution, eClinicalWorks might be a good option for you. It offers a range of different features, including patient billing, telehealth, E&M coding, and more. They are also HIPAA-compliant.

The eClinicalWorks website claims that they offer a range of pricing plans. These plans vary in price, depending on how many resources your practice uses. Some plans are free, while others cost up to $599 a month. There are also special pricing offers that allow you to take advantage of their powerful software products.

Unlike other EMR systems, eClinicalWorks has an a la carte approach, allowing you to choose what you need. This means that you don’t have to worry about having a big budget to pay for an EHR package. In addition, you will also be able to save on costs, since eClinicalWorks offers free conversion packages to switch from your current EHR.

With eClinicalWorks, you’ll be able to access a range of features, such as a virtual assistant and messaging. Additionally, you’ll be able to create and store clinical templates. You can also use a handwriting recognition system.

eClinicalWorks has nine strategic data centers to ensure that your clinical information is safe and secure. It also provides access to a private grid cloud, which ensures that clinical data is immediately available.

eClinicalWorks also offers a revenue cycle management service. RCM as a Service includes denial and rejection management, and it costs only 2.9% of your practice collections. eClinicalWorks is a trusted and well-known name in the EHR industry. Their products and services are geared to improve healthcare management and increase productivity.

Integrations With Other EHRs

If you are looking for an integrated, cloud-based EHR for your medical practice, then eClinicalWorks is a solid choice. It is HIPAA-compliant and has a wide array of features. For instance, it offers a patient portal, which allows you to manage your patient’s health records in a convenient and easy-to-use interface.

The eClinicalWorks platform also includes fully HIPAA-compliant TeleVisits. These virtual visits help primary care providers provide care to patients. They include a range of telehealth solutions that improve communication, including 2-way texting.

eClinicalWorks is also well-known for its innovative software. This EHR is a powerful tool, which helps you with scheduling, prescribing, and communicating with patients. There are even mobile applications, which can help you take control of your patient’s health.

eClinicalWorks integrates with a variety of EHRs. The latest version of eClinicalWorks, V11, is built to support interoperability. In addition, the platform provides tools that optimize patient engagement.

eClinicalWorks has partnered with industry leaders in home health monitoring devices and wearables. This allows users to receive and process their data in real-time like urocharts. Another notable feature is the messaging service, which can be used to send reminders and surveys to patients.

In addition, eClinicalWorks allows for an online appointment schedule. This ensures that you can manage all your schedules in one place. When a new appointment is booked, your EHR will automatically update. You can also print records for tax purposes.

In addition to the aforementioned features, eClinicalWorks offers other technology solutions that will improve your healthcare management. These include a telemedicine solution, a patient portal, and revenue cycle management. All of these can help you improve your patient’s overall experience.

Telemedicine Solution

eClinicalWorks is a functional EHR software that is intuitive. This system is designed to save you time and reduce errors. In addition, it also allows you to communicate with your patients. One of the most unique features of this system is its ability to be self-hosted. You can use the eClinicalWorks portal from any web browser. There are also free webinars offered by eClinicalWorks.

eClinicalWorks offers a telemedicine solution that enables patients to have virtual appointments. Using this feature, patients can schedule and cancel appointments online. Patients can also send secure text messages to their healthcare provider.

Telemedicine is a great tool for medical providers to help their patients get the best care. Curogram’s telemedicine solution integrates with eClinicalWorks, which makes it easy for both doctors and patients to connect.

While eClinicalWorks is renowned for its new features, there are also a few nuances that users may not be aware of. For example, eClinicalWorks has some inefficiencies when it comes to the ticketing system.

Another issue with eClinicalWorks is its poor customer support. Some of the staff is located overseas, making communication with them difficult. Regardless, the eClinicalWorks customer support team was unable to resolve issues for some users.

Users should also take note that eClinicalWorks does not provide apps for iOS or Android. If you are planning to purchase this software, you should be aware of this.

eClinicalWorks’ customer support is not the best in the world. Most customers have to wait for several minutes before speaking to a representative. eClinicalWorks is also quite expensive. It’s one of the most expensive EHR solutions available. Nevertheless, the company offers a free conversion package for practices with up to nine providers.


eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based medical data management and EHR system that boasts the ability to handle messaging, telemedicine, and other features. This EHR software is designed for medium to large-sized health centers. It is a functional EMR that is easy to learn and use.

While eClinicalWorks is arguably a reliable solution, it has a few minor kinks. For instance, its e-prescription is a little confusing. In addition, eClinicalWorks customer support is not the best in the business. They are not quick to respond to inquiries.

eClinicalWorks offers a robust suite of tools, including a web-based portal, a messaging service, an e-prescription system, and an analytics dashboard. Combined, these components make for a powerful EHR solution. On top of that, eClinicalWorks also boasts a full-featured, HIPAA-compliant TeleVisits program that allows primary care providers to provide patient visits remotely. The TeleVisits app aims to minimize handwriting errors and enhance the security of patient appointments.

eClinicalWorks has a number of other features, from a fully-functional mobile application to a virtual assistant named Eva. These nifty gizmos are not available on all of eClinicalWorks’ offerings, but they do the trick.

eClinicalWorks is able to make a case for its claims to fame, with a comprehensive list of features and services that should be on every physician’s radar. However, a recent settlement with the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and several state health departments for misrepresenting its software capabilities is a big deal. As a result, eClinicalWorks will pay $155 million to settle the suit. Hopefully, this will help eClinicalWorks move on to bigger and better things in the future.

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