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Enter Turkey with Schenegen Visa

The government of Turkey has recently made it easy for visitors to get a Enter Turkey with Schenegen Visa for those who have a valid Schengen Visa, United Kingdom Visa, United States Visa and Ireland Visa. The fascinating country Turkey wellcome most travellers around the world and it is a bridge between the Eastern and the Western worlds bringing colours, foods and traditions together on one land. Turkey has become a popular tourist attraction since it is a central ground for entry into Europe. This important geographical location provides many benefits for both the locals, the government and people travelling through Turkey. However, with the country in high demand for tourism, the visa policies have strengthened recently in order to keep the country and its inhabitants safe.

Conditions for E-Visa

There are a few conditions that every visitor needs to meet if they wish to get a Turkish visa with a valid Schengen, United Kingdom, United States and Ireland visa. These are:

  • Permitted Visas: every valid used, unused, single to multiple entry Schengen visas.
  • Permitted Residence Permits: valid residence permit from any Schengen country.
  • Duration of Entry: 30 days
  • Rules of Entry: Single-entry visa valid for 180 days with e-Visa fee depending on the country.

All eligible countries for Turkey visa can get an e-Visa for 30 days with the base of having a valid Schengen, United Kingdom, United States and Ireland Visas. Alternatively, having a residence permit to any Schengen member states also qualifies you for a Turkish evisa.

Original sources: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa

Schengen Visa for applying Turkey e visa online Entering Turkey

Having a Schengen Visa means that the entire Europe is open for you, which is half the world. A commonly unknown fact is that the privileges of having a Schengen Visa go beyond the borders of European Union countries. Turkey is one such country where Schengen Visa holders get preference over other kinds of visa holders.

So what is a Schengen Visa and who is eligible to apply?

This is a travel authorization allowing the holder to travel EU countries and is issued by the EU Schengen members themselves. These are issued after all careful consideration of all national requirements of all these territories. This visa was introduced for the third world countries where the nationals wished to explore the world or look for better opportunities within the other countries.

A Schengen visa allows visitors to travel, study, and work Transit Visa for Turkey and reside in all 26-member states passport-free. In addition to these benefits, Schengen Visa holders can also apply online for other countries, which are non-EU countries such as Turkey. This is usually an additional document that supports the visitor holding a valid passport.

Where can you get a Schengen Visa?

If the country that you wish to visit requires a Schengen visa, you will first need to visit the Turkey embassy or consulate of that particular country. The ambassadors will consider if you meet the minimum requirements of that said country before granting you a visa. The visa type will depend on your purpose of visit to the EU state. Usually, it will be a Schengen visa.

In order to get a valid Schengen visa, the person applying will require a valid passport, valid travel insurance, proof of hotel reservations, further travel information (like plane or train tickets), and means of funds while in Europe.

Travelling to Turkey with a Schengen Visa

The quickest and easiest way to get a visa for Turkey is by applying online for a Turkey Visa . This usually takes less than a day to apply and is approved well within 24 hours. While having a valid Schengen visa, getting an e-Visa only requires a few security questions that determine an e-Visa. However, this is an exception for only Schengen visa holders and e-Visas of other countries will not be considered as evidence.

Checklist for e-Visa for Schengen Visa Holders

The basic requirements for all travellers wishing to enter Turkey by obtaining an e-Visa are common. Those having a valid Schengen Visa must also have a passport with a validity of more than 150 days left. Other supporting documents include the Schengen Visa and a functional email address. This is important since the Turkey e-Visa will be received on the active email. The applicant should also have an active credit or debit card to pay the Turkey visa fees online .

Another important factor to keep in mind when entering Turkey is the expiry of all documents. It is important that while you are visiting Turkey with a valid e-Visa, your Schengen visa must also be valid. An expired one can lead to denied access into the country.

Is it Difficult to Get an E-Visa for Turkey?

The government of Turkey introduced the e-Visa back in April 2013 in order to make it simpler and faster for tourists. The applicants need an active internet connection and the process of applying for an e-visa can be completed within minutes. An alternate option is also available for visitors of Turkey, which is the visa on arrival.

The visa on arrival option is open to 37 nationalities including Canadians, and British nationals. When a tourist arrives at any airport in Turkey, they can apply for a visa there and then and pay the required fee as well. However, this is risky for if it is refused, money, energy and time is wasted. When applying for this type of visa, some personal information will be asked like name, contact details, date of birth and passport information. Make sure that all the information you provide is truthful.

Nationalities Eligible for Turkish e-Visas with a Schengen, United Kingdom, United States and Ireland Visas

The residents of African and Asian countries can actively apply for a Schengen visa but they must get a valid visa stamp on their passport before travelling. Once the applicant has the authorization to travel, the document can be used for travelling outside Europe too. A Schengen visa can also be used as a supporting travel document when applying for a Turkish e Visa online .

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