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Business and professional hairstyles men can be tough and tricky to nail and especially now when many men are working from home. But even though this may be the case, it never disappoints to look professional and presentable when that Zoom call pops up.

However, whether it is for work-related or personal reasons, finding a good looking business and professional hairstyles can be difficult, especially when you have no idea what to look for. So to help you out, we have put together a list of some of our favourite business and professional styles for men and also a few notes on what really makes a hairstyle stand out. 

So keep scrolling and continue to read to find out about professional men’s looks which are very easy to achieve and will look dapper and just as great as they do over a camera. 

What are the elements of a business and professional hairstyles men?

So many office jobs have started to ask for more conservative haircuts for men in order to maintain a professional and a well-groomed appearance among all the staff members. Well, recommended professional haircuts are not normally anything from super-short cuts to slightly longer cuts just like the classic taper cut or Ivy League cut.

When fashion-forwarded mens enter the office or workplace, they might find it difficult to abide by the code of the company and look out for a style which suits them at the same time. So definitely not every white collar person wants a mohawk, but some would surely crave for a more stylish hairdo which also fits the confines of a professional business hairstyle.

So what really makes good business and professional hairstyles men for work or office? Well, there are three important components to a good profession hairstyle and they are as follows:

  1. Cleanness- good professional hairstyles are closely and nicely trimmed around the edges. The haircut looks tidy and the cut is more even and this could be the result of the stylist or the barber who is cutting your hair or giving you the haircut. So just make sure that you choose the right one and a reputable stylist.
  2. Versatility- this might sound contradictory, but a good professional hairstyle can be worn in a wide range of situations and circumstances. The haircut should be appropriate, then whether you are going to the workplace or going to have dinner with your family or attending some prestigious ceremony. Many guys often choose business or professional hairstyles for their own flexibility.
  3. Conservativeness- This does not mean that you have to go ‘plain’ or ‘boring’. Even the aesthetic of the professional hairstyle is often more laid-back but it can still be very stylish. Simply, a mullet with a spiky top would not be a good business hairstyle.

So, as you know now what are the key components that you should keep in mind, you should look out for hairstyles that can be considered on these three elements. And in case you are having trouble finding a good hairstyle, then we got you covered. We have compiled a list of cuts that meet all the three of the above criteria which you will find out below.

List of Top Business and professional hairstyles men

There are actually a plenty of different shapes and sizes for you to choose from, so whether you are someone who is a fan of classic, early 20th century style or a no-fuss shorter style, you will surely find something here for you that you will love. 

So the names of top hairstyles for men are:

  1. Classic Taper- This is commonly called ‘business’s haircut’. This haircut is just tapered around the sides which adds extra shape to the styles without creating a fade. In this, the top of the hair is kept a little longer and it is brushed upward and away from the face which is also called the ‘quiff’.

It is quite easy to get this haircut and you can vary the length of it according to your likings. 

  1. Professional Hairstyle with Clean Skin Fade- If you want a more business or professional hair cut, then incorporating a clean skin fade looks quite classy and polished. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for men in the corporate world, as this looks well-groomed, clean and stylish. Even for a more timeless look, the top of the hair can be slicked back. 
  2. Slicked Back- This is one of the most loved professional hairstyles men. So if you dig the slicked back, then this traditional look has been recently popularised and you can never really go wrong with this style. This style combines a striking, defined side part with a total glossy shine to make your cut look quite dapper. 

The key to achieve this look is using high quality hair products. Apply some gel, more preferably pomade to your hair. This will actually give you a glossy shine. Then, just comb your hair to one side, like creating the part and comb the hair below that part in a downward direction. 

  1. Ivy League- If you have a liking towards crew cut style but also want a little extra length on top, then Ivy League is the right choice for you. This is almost paired with a side part which is also the trademark element of a stylish or a professional businessman. 

This basically features a taper that adds a touch of cleanliness to the style. It is also low maintenance which is ideal for those having busy weekday mornings. 

  1. Butch Part- This is a shorter style and provides a clean and uniform look. This is also a nice choice for those who have curly or wavy hair. You can change the length, based on the clipper setting, according to your liking. This cut will save your time and money in addition to giving a work-approved hairstyle and so butch cut is the best option for any working man who wants to look professional.

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Whether you want to sport a snazzy stylist haircut or want to come off as profession, or want a style which reflect your personal styles as well, you can definitely opt any of the above mentioned business and professional hairstyles men which will make you look total dapper and can also be carried out at any place, whether workplace, a casual ceremony or a family dinner. 

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