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How to Draw A Cow Easily

How to Draw A Cow. Cows have been an important part of farming and farming by our side for thousands of years.

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These gentle pets also come in many varieties with different color combinations, patterns, and body types.

Cows have been a favorite motif of artists for many years due to their distinctive appearance and different color combinations.

If you also want to create a cow artwork, you may want to learn how to draw a cow.

We’ve created this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cow so you can learn how to do it yourself in no time!

How to Draw A Cow

Step 1

For the first step of this tutorial on how to draw a cow, let’s start with the outline of the head. We first draw a long curved line resembling an elongated U to do this.

Once you’ve entered this line, you can draw another much smaller curved line over it, being careful to leave a small gap between the two lines as you insert the ears and horns in these gaps.

Step 2

In the second phase of drawing your cow, you’ll add some ears to your cow. You can draw the distinctive cow ear shapes below the spaces we previously left between the lines.

As you can see in the reference image, these are thin at the base and get thicker as they come out,

Step 3

Now that we’ve drawn your cow’s ears, you can add the little horns in the place you left earlier.

You can draw the horns with curved lines ending in a sharp point like in the picture.

Step 4

For the next step in this tutorial on how to draw a cow, you can add the torso.

To do this, we use a line from the head that curves slightly in the middle and then sharply down to form the cow’s back.

Step 5

Your cow drawing is now really taking shape! For this next step, we’ll focus on two of your cow’s legs and belly.

You can add the neck and leg pieces with more curved lines, as seen in the picture. For now, let’s leave a space between the chest and the left leg.

Step 6

You can draw smaller versions of the legs you drew in the previous step to draw the other legs of your cow drawing.

Once all the legs are in place, you can draw the udder and tail as they appear in the reference image.

Step 7

Your cow drawing needs a happy face, so in this step, let’s draw a cute face for your cow!

In the reference image, we showed you how to draw it using curved lines and circle shapes.

You can draw your cow’s face as it appears in our picture or changes some elements to create a unique face for your drawing!

Step 8

Each cow needs a few stitches, and we will add some final details to your cow’s design! Just draw some irregular shapes as you see in the picture.

You can even change the position of the spots if you prefer! Once you’re happy with how the dots look, you can add some final details.

This includes lines under the head, on the knees, and over the hooves for some detail to complete your cow drawing!

Step 9

With these last details added, you have successfully learned how to draw a cow! While the drawing may be complete, there is one more step.

Thankfully, it’s a really fun move! For the final step, you can get creative with your favorite colors.

We showed how to colorize your cow drawing in the reference image, but for this step, let your imagination run wild and use the colors that make you happy!

You can even draw a cute background for your cow drawing if you feel extra creative.

It can also be a lot of fun experimenting with different art mediums like acrylic paints, watercolors, and colored pencils to give your colors a wonderful look!

Your Cow Drawing is Finished!

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