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How to replace an interior door: prehung door replacement

A door is not only a gate but also a protection between the outside world and your walled-up enclosure or a welcome for anyone near your house. Yet, it slows down in performance with continuous use, thus losing its shine and becoming unusable with time. It could be time to consider getting a new inside door if you want a change in style or more protection. 

A prehung door is an easy and convenient option because it already has attached the frame, hinges, door stop front door, and latch plate. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can replace your interior door with a prehung one, giving your beloved living space a new lease on life and a trouble-free changeover.

  • Understanding prehung doors

Knowing what prehung doors are and how they vary from the others is vital before deciding to install them, which is part of a complex process. For prehung doors, the difference is that they are preassembled with all the essential parts- hinges, latch plate- installed in a frame. 

This package of accessories should fit your existing jamb; these snugly fitting accessories only require minor carpentry or detailed adjustments to hang them. You’ll have the option of designing an appearance that may harmonize with your home decor with the vast array of accents offered by prehung doors, including various styles and cover materials.

  • Analyzing your requirements

Before buying a new door, you must ensure you have devoted enough time and attention to choosing. Thus, you can get the most appropriate solution. Concerns about the style, substance, and scale would be considered to ensure it changes with your home’s present theme. To ensure that the door you are considering will fit neatly in the doorway, measure the doorway correctly. 

  • Preparation is key: Important tools and supplies

Just like the work of any home renovation (albeit on a smaller scale), getting a new inside door involves thoughtful deliberation to improve the result. Ensure you have all the necessary equipment to get through the installation process worry-free and carefully before leaving the house. 

First of all, a complete reference toolbox should include various tools such as:

1. Prehung interior door

2. Tape measure

3. Level

4. Hammer

5. Screwdriver

6. Shims

7. Finish nails

8. Wood filler

9. Paint or stain (if applicable)

10. Safety goggles and gloves

You will be involving all these necessities into your list with certainty and accuracy before you make a big start on redesigning your dwelling.

Comprehensive installation procedure

  1. Preliminary preparations: 

Take the place apart that you will put the door new, with a hammer & screwdriver. The old door, door stop front door, hinges and door frame trim should be removed. The door installation involving door knocker is initiated by ensuring if it is completely clean by removing all the dirt, pieces or other hindrances.

  1. Accurate measurement and adjustment: 

Utilize the tape measure in an accurate way to ascertain the dimensions of the doorway such that they can coincide with the doors that you have chosen already. In case the door frame needs cutting, use a saw to size the frame to your specification, subsequently making sure that the cut portion fits well to ensure a perfect working and visual appearance.

  1. Perfectly position the prehung door: 

Place the prehung door unit perfectly in the hole provided, so that it is leveled and centered. Before installing, check the frame’s dimensions for the irregular rust holes to ensure the fitting is snug and avoid future issues during installation using shimming.

  1. Securing the door frame: 

The next step is pivoting the doorframe to the studs on the wall after making sure that the door is in the right location. Level and centered architecture is very important, and much effort should be directed to this task at each stage to accomplish the goal.

  1. Installing the latch plate and hinges: 

When the doorframe is finally fixed, you need to follow the steps provided in the manuals to attach the hinges to the door frame’s panel and frame. Attach the catch to the door jamb which has to fit perfectly with door latch, or you might face issues in using door latch.

  1. Thorough testing: 

At the end of your work, ensure there is no door obstacle through a rigorous checkout process. The primary duty of a technician is to provide an impeccable experience for the consumer by changing the hinges or shims as necessary for the optimal function.

  1. Stunning finish: 

The door installation is complete; it will function smoothly and efficiently. Now, all you will do is to take care of the small details that will polish up your work – that is, the finishing touches at the handles, knobs, or door stop front door.  Using the wood filler, fill the gap and spaces of the frame and then use sandpaper to smooth them up. After that, choose the finish to apply.

  1. Adorn with trim: 

End the installation by nailing around the door’s border frame of trims. The second type of sealing is the one that will cover any absence that takes place between the frame and the wall. Drive in the detailing using finish nails and carry out additional touch-ups of paint or stain to ensure that the entire thing appears pleasing.


As you switch an interior door for a prehung one, you act astoundingly upon your living space by renovating its appearance and sustainability. This detailed guide outlines the steps to be followed, and selecting the most suitable door for your home will bring about a lot of aesthetic refinement and practicality.

Upon the change of your mind, the main puzzle is the source of your motivation; be it an aesthetic purpose, functionality, or security, replacing your interior door function will finally be accomplished by means of the house revival. Therefore, equip yourself with determination and knowledge a bit, and take secure steps to rebuilding your sweet home—first with each door.

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