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I Ate Every Flavor of Wingstop and Ranked the Best

In my opinion, Wingstop is never wrong. The chicken wing masters always perform at a high level. Hot Honey Rub has arrived before we can even wrap our heads around the fact that Wingstop is now selling chicken sandwiches. Now that Wingstop’s newest dry flavor has arrived, I figured it was time to see how it fares against the competition. All 12 Wingstop flavors are listed below, in order from best to worst.

Best Wingstop Hot Honey Rub

I’m not going to lie; when I first tried this. I actually exclaimed, “Oh me oh my.” There were zero choices involved. This rub has me completely smitten. When you take a bite, the first thing you’ll notice is the sweet aroma of honey. The sweetness of the honey is followed by a fiery explosion in your mouth. The sweetness of honey returns. But the sting of the burn in your mouth lingers. It’s time for dinner and a show!

Spicy Korean Q

This Wingstop Promo Code masterpiece features angelic harmonies between gochujang, sesame oil, and soy sauce. There’s a lot going on in terms of flavor here, and I couldn’t add anything to it if I tried. The flavor is best when eaten straight from the bone, but this would work well in a sandwich. In my opinion, Korean Q is a fantastic pick.

Wingstop Mango Habanero

I must admit that I once had a serious crush on Wingstop Mango Habanero. I thought this was one of the best Wingstop flavors before trying my new favorites. However, times change, and Mango Habanero now faces competition from Hot Honey and Korean Q. Its own fault, if you will.

Hickory Smoked BBQ

Even though barbecue sauce isn’t my go-to when ordering wings. The wingstop version really stands out. This one is syrupy, smoky, and sweet like brown sugar.

Wingstop Garlic Parmesan

I’ve been going to Wingstop for years, and I’ve never once thought to try the Garlic Parm. Too many other flavors have caught my attention first. I’m not a huge fan of parmesan cheese, but there are some clear benefits. The parm is subdued and the garlic is bold, for starters. In a word: adore. The fried chicken stays nice and crispy because, two, this is the driest rub Wingstop offers. Overall, it’s a fantastic wing flavor. Seriously, I had no idea.

Louisiana Rub

If you’ve been craving some Creole spice but haven’t found it at Popeyes, this is your chance. This rub is fantastic; the Old Bay-style seasoning and oregano give it a wonderful flavor. None taken.

Wingstop Cajun

The Cajun seasoning adds a nice touch to the original Wingstop hot sauce. But I’m not sure it counts as a new flavor. The smokiness of the paprika and the garlic powder give this dish a pleasant kick. As long as this option is available. I see no point in getting Original Hot.

Original Hot

Look, you already have an idea of how these are going to taste. These wings are authentic Buffalo-style. A question: did Wingstop invent this wheel? They didn’t, no. However, that was unnecessary since the wheel already works wonderfully. This is helpful if spicy foods bother your stomach.

Wingstop Atomic

Let me tell you a story that will demonstrate just how stupid I am. I had to do a little bit of Sherlocking to figure out what flavors were included in the delivery. Because there wasn’t a flavor key or anything like that. I took a tentative bite of what I thought was Atomic sauce and then wrote an entire entry about how it wasn’t that much hotter than regular sauce. I took a big bite to try the next flavor and was pleasantly surprised. Wow, that was a bomb. True or false? Extreme heat radiates from atomic wings. A bit too close to the sun, there. I’ve lost my sense of taste, so I have no idea what this tastes like. The flavor has completely disappeared. Atomic is the only option.

Lemon Pepper

Though I enjoy wings with lemon pepper. I find that Wingstop overdoes the oil and lemon in their version. Flavorful, but after a while, the excess grease and richness of the wings can become a turnoff.

Wingstop Hawaiian

I can’t help but assume a Teriyaki-style sauce when I see this. The sauce is fine, but look, if you want fast-food orange chicken, you already know where to go. They excel at doing it. Continually, without exception.


How should I respond to your request? The goal of this flavor was to achieve a neutral taste. I’m going to assume you’re not ordering the mildest wing sauce possible if you’re at a wing restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend this place. If you prefer your sauces on the mild side.

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