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Incredible Teenage Birthday Cakes You Must Buy

One of the few exciting days in a person’s life is their birthday. The glittering streamers, big balloons, party hats, and birthday cake make everything much more exciting. Whether you are five years old or sixty years old, you tend to enjoy being the centre of attention. If you’re having a party, look up “cake shop near me” online to find the best place to get a cake.

Smash Cake with Spinach:

It’s a lean and green way to celebrate birthdays! Five cups of protein-rich spinach give this pretty dessert from Weelicious its stylish colour. So, it’s a salad.

Healthier blueberry cake:

Want simple ideas for party cakes? Think about the naked cake, which always looks cute and doesn’t take much work to decorate. Kristine’s Kitchen used whipped cream instead of filling because it was more fluffy. This tiny little dessert has clouds of sweet stuff all over it. You can get that beautiful lilac colour by mixing it with blueberries.

Monster Cake:

Here’s a small monster for your small monster! To make these cute, fuzzy cookies from Joyfully Home, pipe on the “fur” with frosting using a star tip and add the faces with fondant. It takes a little more work than other ideas on this list, but look at what you get in the end! Worth every penny.

Piqued Interest Cake:

There are many beautiful birthday cakes for kids, but this one from Wilton stands out. The “candy shards” are white candy melts that have been coloured, and the base is a fantastic mix of different sprinkles.

Milk and Cookies Cake:

More food means more fun. This masterpiece from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, full of cookies, is pure kid heaven. The outside is very cute, but the best part is the inside, a mixture of dreamy whipped cream and crushed cookies.

Blue Bear Cake is:

Kids need party cakes that look like their stuffed animals. Yes, your hand might get a little sore from squeezing out each squiggle of icing for this Liv for Cake cutie, but look at that cute little nose!

Fruit Loops Cake:

We can’t stop thinking about this rainbow-licious cake. Put the Froot Loops in rings for the cake, but you could also make a flower pattern on the top. How about loopy? Put them randomly all over the cake. Ta-da: polka dots.

Taco Cake:

Even though the baby probably isn’t eating tacos yet, it wouldn’t hurt to get him used to the idea. This idea from Studio DIY is one of the silliest birthday cakes we’ve seen. You can use any cake you want—just cut it in half and turn it on its side. It’s topped with buttercream that has been coloured to look like a taco. What’s the deal? Dutch Chocolate cake crumbs or Oreo cookies.

Pastel Iridescent Cake:

You don’t have to look any further for princess birthday cake ideas that aren’t too princessy. This adorable delicacy is made by creating a miniature ombre effect on the cake’s sides using a spatula, as seen in the film 100 Layer Cake, and then neatly stacking macarons on top.

Applesauce Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Icing:

Applesauce is always a hit with kids. This version turned into a cake by The Live-In Kitchen is the same. Pour the batter into (very clean!) tuna cans and bake to make it just the right size.

Forest Cake:

It’s cake and toys so that you can do less work. Instead of cutting off the top of this cake before filling it, Jes at Whisk + Wander suggests leaving it “rugged” so it looks like a mountain. Add a few figures of Bambi and his friends; it seems like a forest.

Birthday Cake for the Ultimate Sundae:

A scoop of ice cream without ice cream? Blasphemy, unless you’re talking about Dedra’s tricked-out birthday cake at Queenslee Appetit. It deserves its maraschino cherry because it has four (!) kinds of icing and a delicious ganache. As a bonus, the baby will look super cute with this all over her face.

Flower-Decorated Cake Without Frosting:

Christine W Photography’s simple white cake is made with a real vanilla bean and is ready to be smashed. Put a real flower on top or the side for a quick, easy, and beautiful splash of colour. Remember to put plastic wrap around the flower stem to keep it safe to eat.

Unicorn Rainbow Cake:

Adults love unicorns just as much as kids do, so this magical creature cake with fondant horns will surely please everyone. You don’t have to do what Marvelous Mommy did and put six rainbow-coloured cake layers inside, but it does add quite a bit of magic.

Golden Birthday No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake:

Were you baking not your thing? Think about cheesecakes as possible birthday cake ideas. Lindsay of Life, Love, and Sugar made this party cake on a whim. She put a delicious mixture of cream cheese and Funfetti cake mix in a crushed Golden Oreo crust and topped it with sprinkles. Sweet!

We talked about different cakes above. Your kids’ birthdays are a special time of the year. The day they get to do what they’ve always wanted to do. If you need to discover a place to buy a birthday cake, try searching Google for “cake bakery near me.”

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