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Integration of Warehouse Management System with Other Business Systems

Warehouse management is the key to growing your business. If you have an effective warehouse management system, you can fulfill orders quite comfortably. The best way to manage a warehouse effectively is to opt for a WMS system. It allows you to access basic data, integrate and analyze information, and manage inventory.

Just like other business software programs, WMS too integrates with several other software systems. It does so to improve warehouse management and numerous other tasks important for the growth of your business. In today’s post, I will tell you about the integration of WMS with other business software systems and the benefits of this integration. So, without further ado, let’s explore more about this integration.

WMS Integration With Other Business Systems

WMS can integrate with a number of other business systems. The following are the key business systems with which the WMS system integrates to grow your business.

Integration with ERP

Enterprise resource planning or simply ERP helps in managing several aspects of your business. It can help you with finances,  HR, and supply chain services. Warehouse too has to play a role in some of these tasks such as supply chain services. So, these two software systems can integrate to give several benefits to your business.

 This integration helps in the better exchange of data for sales purposes. It also promotes seamless data sharing between different departments of your business. This data sharing is basically related to order processing, inventory levels, and financial conditions of your business. Above all, it helps in the synchronization of data processing, order fulfillment, and financial reporting.

Integration with CRM System

Customer relation management is the key to growing your business. You need to develop good relations with your clients to make them return and buy products again and again from your store. Better CRM is possible when you integrate WMS with the customer relations management system. This integration allows you to satisfy your customers.

Integration of CRM with WMS provides the CRM team with all the basic information related to inventory. As a result, when customers ask about something related to the warehouse i.e. the availability of products or stock of some. specific product, you can provide them with accurate information.

Furthermore, it enables better customer services, order accuracy, personalized order fulfilment services, and numerous other things. As a result, customers will be satisfied and become loyal.

Integration with E-Commerce Platforms

Relying on regular business practices is not going to help you become successful in this fast-paced and digital business era. You need to give E-commerce a shot to grow your business by attracting customers all over the globe. When WMS integrates with E-commerce platforms, it ensures better order management.

This integration helps E-commerce platforms understand the condition of your company’s warehouse. It gives them an idea about the available products and their stock. Furthermore, it helps in quick order processing as well. So, it will be helpful in the order management process as it will allow E-commerce platforms to show details about the available products.

Integration With Order Management Process

Effective Order management is the key to growing your business. And WMS plays an important role in order management. For example, imagine you managed to get a bulk order of 50 articles of a product.

However, when you send the order details to the inventory, you realize you don’t have enough stock of that specific product. In such a condition you have to deal with the customer and there are chances that the customer will not return again.

When you have WMS integrated with an order management system, you don’t have to worry about this thing. You will already have information about the available products in the warehouse. It will allow you to take orders accordingly.

In case you don’t have customers’ desired product in the warehouse, you can tell them about it. As a result, you can win their trust and they wait until the stock is restored and then they will place the order.

Bottom Line

No doubt the WMS system can help in the effective management of the warehouse. However, it has numerous other benefits as well. You only need to integrate it with other business systems to get those benefits. Make sure to integrate your WMS with the aforementioned business systems.

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