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Online Examination System and Their Impact On India

The traditional method of examination requires the students to come to the class and write answers to the questions given in the question paper. The classroom has limited seating. The teachers checked students’ answers one after the other and scored them. This method has been followed for several years in our colleges and schools, but they have some disadvantages such as a high workload for the teachers, cheating attempts by students, problems associated with inaccuracy and scoring, etc.

An upgraded solution to this system was introduced and named as an online examination system.

What is an online examination system?

The online examination system is an ERP campus solution that helps the institutes to conduct examinations online and manage all examination activities. It simplifies all tasks of exam management and conducts online evaluations automatically. The software uses anti-cheating technology to avoid cheating practices and conducts exams for a high concurrency of students in one go.

How does it Impact our Country?

Enable E-learning-

The online exam software enables the institutes to offer e-learning courses and distance learning programs for students from remote locations. They can now access education across the globe with the comfort of sitting in their homes. The software eliminates the hindrances of location and affordability for students to wish to learn.

The online exam system enables remote evaluation of all students and their activities during the exam. This way, the students can get degrees and certificates on passing the exam. They can learn any skill from any institute.

Improves Learning Outcomes-

Students from any part of the world can enroll in any course and attempt any exam they want. They can complete these courses according to their time and gain degrees on completion.

The rising access to education due to the internet and online exam software is increasing skills and concepts among students in different areas. This is also helping to improve students’ learning outcomes. Further, the online method of learning enables the students to work on multiple subjects and topics together, enhancing their productivity and knowledge. 

New Learning Approaches-

The online examination system enables the institutes to implement and practice new educational methods such as OBE, CBCS, and others. These learning approaches require constant assessment of students’ performance. It analyzes students’ performance based on the desired learning outcomes that are defined by the system.

They are based on skill-based learning and the development of students in various aspects like professionalism, collaborative learning, morals, and others. The system enables the teachers and students to conduct all activities in a simplified manner.

Encourages Micro-learning-

Micro-learning is a form of e-learning that enables institutes to offer online courses and programs to students. In micro-learning, the course syllabus is divided into small videos and students can watch them on their time and at their own pace. After completing the course, they can attempt exams on the online examination software and gain degrees and certificates.

This learning method enables the students to do courses along with jobs, internships, or full-time college. They help students in gaining new skills and knowledge in various subjects.

Eliminates Cheating-

The online exam system uses anti-cheating technology to eliminate the scope for any cheating attempts of students during the exams. It conducts run-time monitoring of students’ activities and takes frequent screenshots of their activities during the exam. The online exam software uses remote proctoring technology to ensure that no cheating practices are attempted by students.


The online examination system is a technologically advanced solution that helps institutes to offer online exam provisions for students. This enables e-learning across the institutes. The rise of NEP 2020 is focused on improving the literacy rate of the country. Online education helps them to make it possible.

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