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Preparing for UCAT in 4 Weeks – Make It Pretty Easy

For aspiring medical professionals in the UK, the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) presents a crucial hurdle on the path to their dream career. With its five subtests assessing a range of skills deemed essential for a successful doctor, the UCAT requires dedicated preparation. 

But what if you’re short on time? Fear not! This research-based guide outlines a strategic 4-week plan to maximize your UCAT score, drawing on expert advice and student experiences.

Week One: Learning Key Techniques

It’s crucial to comprehend and put into practice the main strategies that will support you during the UCAT when you first begin your preparation. The UCAT is not like other tests you take in school or at university; instead of measuring your knowledge, it tests your ability to solve problems and analyze and summarize material fast. You should begin working on practice questions during the first week of revision by employing the following techniques:

• Verbal Reasoning: Because this section’s passages are frequently lengthy, it may be more efficient to choose a few important phrases from the question and locate them in the paragraph before responding to the question. This makes it possible for you to concentrate on the section of the text that has the details needed to answer the question.

• Making decisions: When asked a “conclusion” question, it might be helpful to highlight important terms in the statement and then check to see if the text mentions them. The conclusion is frequently hinted at in the paragraph or briefly expressed in the sentence. 

• Quantitative Reasoning: Although there is a whiteboard and an online calculator available for calculations, mental math can be quicker and simpler, therefore it’s crucial to practice mental math as often as you can. Additionally, rounding complex values to the nearest whole number might simplify the computations. Make sure you are comfortable using percentages, ratios, and fractions, unit conversions, speed, distance, and time, as well as areas and volumes, because these questions will test your knowledge of these concepts.

• Abstract Reasoning: The key to answering Abstract Reasoning problems is to pinpoint the characteristics that both the forms in Sets A and B and the shapes that comprise the series or sequences of shapes have in common. The size, color, placement inside the box, kind, and quantity of forms are some of the characteristics that might be utilized to divide the shapes into several groups. As such, while comparing the sets, keep an eye out for variations in these attributes. It will be simpler to decide if a form belongs into one of the sets or whether it does not belong to any of them once you have labeled a specific set based on the characteristics of its shapes.

• Situational Judgement: It’s crucial to comprehend the beliefs and tenets of the medical community in order to prepare for these questions and to ensure that your response is appropriate. This encompasses patient dignity and respect as well as the four pillars of medical ethics: autonomy, fairness, non-maleficence, and beneficence. 

When completing practice questions, concentrate on applying the aforementioned strategies rather than time or answering the questions accurately. As a result, you will become accustomed to utilizing them and responding to the various question kinds, readying you for the following round of revisions.

Weeks Three and Two: Sample Questions

The majority of your revision should be done at this point. Spend the second week doing timed practice questions under test settings (e.g., by utilizing the official UCAT Practice Questions). When studying Verbal Reasoning problems, for instance, set a time limit of 21 minutes for yourself to do 44 questions. Exam revision also involves utilizing a whiteboard, scratchpad, and online calculator. You should concentrate on adjusting at this point so that you can answer the questions as fast and precisely as you can. Attempt to finish the entire UCAT practice test before the end of the second week. This will help you concentrate your revision in order to be ready for week three by highlighting any areas that you might need to improve on.

Put more focus on your weakest portions in week three. For instance, set aside a day to do the practice problems in the Abstract Reasoning portion if you are finding it difficult. 

Week Four: Drills Test Practice

Your preparation for the UCAT ends in week four, when you should concentrate on finishing the remaining practice exams available on the UCAT website (https://www.ucat.ac.uk/ucat/practice-tests/). Since these examinations replicate the real exam, passing them is essential. It could be a good idea to take one of the four practice exams each day as they should ideally all be finished throughout the revision session. This would give you an additional four days to identify any areas in which you might be having difficulty and adjust your approach. When completing the practice exams, be sure to use the score converters to establish your final grade for each part. This will not only help you identify your areas of strength and weakness but will also demonstrate your progress.


The final week of your 4-week UCAT blitz arrives, and it’s time to launch towards success! Remember, you’ve built a strong foundation in Weeks 1 and 2, honed your skills in Week 3, and now it’s time for full-fledged test simulation. 

By powering through the remaining practice exams on the official UCAT website, you’ll gain invaluable experience under realistic conditions. Aim to complete all four exams within the week, leaving yourself four additional days to fine-tune any lingering weaknesses. 

Using the score converters after each exam to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Remember, the UCAT isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about applying strategies efficiently and making quick, accurate decisions under pressure. 

By consistently applying the techniques you’ve learned throughout your preparation, you’ll find yourself approaching the UCAT with confidence and clarity. 

Trust your preparation, stay calm during the exam, and showcase your potential as a future medical professional. 

This 4-week plan has equipped you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. Now, go forth and conquer the UCAT!

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