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What Mistakes Should I Avoid making during CA Intermediate Preparations?

It is not an easy accomplishment to start and end the journey of becoming a Chartered accountant. At this critical juncture of this strenuous journey comes the CA Intermediate examinations. However, as you prepare for this tough test of your accounting knowledge, you should realize that there are numerous traps that could impede your preparation. Now, let’s consider the main mistakes which you should avoid during your CA Intermediate Preparations.

Mistakes To Avoid During CA Intermediate Preparations

1. Procrastination 

Perhaps the greatest mistake of all is to give in to the temptation of procrastination. If you delay your studies, your entire syllabus can pile up, which can be a cause of stress during the exam. Hence, have a realistic study plan and adhere to it strictly so that you do not end up in last-minute cramming.

2. Ignoring Mock Tests and Practice Papers:

One of the most common mistakes is underestimating the importance of mock tests and practice papers. These CA Intermediate papers will help you to grasp the exam pattern and improve your time management skills. Not doing so, you fail to identify the weak points. Hence, improve your exam strategy and build your self-confidence by solving enough mock tests and practice papers. 

3. Neglecting a Well-Defined Study Plan for CA Intermediate Preparations 

The next mistake you will make during your CA Intermediate preparations is not having a well-planned and structured plan. The CA Intermediate syllabus is vast, and you get into a sea of information without a clear roadmap for you. You will simply end up wasting your precious time, and you won’t be able to complete anything. 

Come up with a comprehensive study schedule where you give due attention to each subject and work more on the weak areas. In your timetable, give time to revision, coaching, mock tests, sleep, etc. 

4. Not Joining A Coaching for CA Intermediate Preparations 

Since the CA Intermediate syllabus is vast and there are eight subjects to cover, you must join proper CA inter-coaching for your exam preparation. With the right coaching, you will be able to complete the entire syllabus on time, have a disciplined approach towards studies, and you can improve your chances of scoring well. 

5. Neglecting Health and Well-being

Your health should not be negotiable during your CA Intermediate preparations. Prolonged study time may cause your health to suffer, resulting in burnout. Ensure that you include regular breaks, exercise and enough sleep in your routine. Mind and body must be healthy so that they can absorb and retain information better.

6. Overlooking Past Exam Papers for CA Intermediate Preparations 

The past exam papers are a great source to understand the examiners’ mindset and what type of questions to expect. It is a missed opportunity to understand the exam’s nuances and tailor your preparation to it when one fails to review and analyze previous years’ papers. Hence, include solving past papers into your study schedule to get familiar with the exam format and gain an advantage over your peers.

7. Blindly Relying on a Single Source

To avoid the trap of using one textbook or a single reference, you should diversify your study resources. The CA Intermediate syllabus is very broad, and different sources can supplement your understanding and help you to expand it. During your CA Intermediate preparations, don’t ignore the ICAI study materials, as these materials can prove to be an invaluable resource during your exam preparation. 

8. Ignoring Regular Revisions

Human brains usually fail to store information for a long period. That’s a sure way to disaster if one ignores regular revisions. Hence, have time intervals for periodic revision to make sure you still remember what you have covered in the past. It is a good practice that assists you in recalling significant concepts during the exam, and thus, you do not forget.

9. Underestimating Presentation Skills

Many students fail the exams for writing because they tend to ignore the importance of presentation in the syllabus. This is the biggest mistake during your CA Intermediate Preparations. Cultivate a habit of putting your answers in a professional way and as per the ICAI’s guidelines. Where possible, use headings, subheadings, and bullets. Presenting a well-organized answer is not only helpful in ensuring legibility but also shows organization and consistency in your writing. Therefore, it gets you more marks.

10. Neglecting Self-Care:

Finally, self-care gets lost amidst the books and study materials. Taking some rest, following up interests, and sharing time with people close to the heart are the necessary means to ensure balance. Note that a mind that is burned out won’t absorb more information well.


Be disciplined, remain balanced, and learn proactively. With a positive attitude and well-planned strategy, you have half a journey towards clearing the CA Intermediate. Also, avoid these CA Intermediate Preparations mistakes. Good luck!

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