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Spouse Visa UK: Eligibility, Requirement-2024

If a foreign national fulfils the requirements, they can join and reside in the UK with their spouse if they are a British citizen or have settled status (such as EU Settled Status or Indefinite Leave to Remain). This visa is also known as the partner and spouse visa. Once you marry a British citizen, you will not automatically be granted residency rights in the United Kingdom. If you want to reside with your partner in the UK, apply for a Spouse Visa UK. All eligible applicants are married, in a civil partnership, or single.

The eligibility requirements for applicants are detailed in full below. A spouse visa to the UK can be obtained for two years and nine months. After that, you can stay longer and eventually get ILR, which will let you stay in the UK permanently without worrying about immigration laws. You may be able to apply for British citizenship through marriage after receiving ILR.

Who is eligible to apply for a UK spouse visa?

If your spouse is based in the UK, you, as a foreign national, may apply for a UK partner and spouse visa:

  • Is a citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland (by birth or naturalisation).
  • Has made their home in the UK and obtained EU Settled Status, permanent residency, or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).
  • Holds a Turkish Worker or Businessperson visa.
  • If you are not already here, you must plan to live together in the UK once you relocate, and you will also need to show proof of your sincere and ongoing connection.

Spouse Visa UK Requirement- 2024

To be able to be eligible to apply for a spouse visa UK, you must fulfil specific requirements, such as presenting proof of:

  • You are in a sincere and respectable partnership.
  • You and your partner’s combined gross yearly income is at least £18,600 (this will climb to £29,000 on April 11 24 (estimated date), and then progressively to £38,700).
  • In the UK, you have a place to stay.
  • You satisfy your initial visa application’s minimum level A1 English language requirement.
  1. Genuine requirements for a relationship:

You have to show that you are in one of the following eligible relationships:

  • You are either in a legally registered marriage or civil partnership in the 
  • UK, or;
  • Have shared a home in a partnership for a minimum of two years or
  • Plan to get married or form a civil partnership within six months of coming to the UK.
  • Most importantly, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) must prove you are in a committed relationship. Because of this, they are constantly on the lookout for the possibility of “sham” marriages or relationships, in which candidates claim to 

be in a relationship that qualifies when they are not.

  1. Spouse visa UK financial requirement

Both the applicant and their UK-based spouse must earn a minimum of £18,600 in gross annual income in order to be eligible for a spouse visa. The Home Office policy paper’s most recent version states that the minimum income criteria for UK spouse visas will initially increase to £29,000 in the spring of 2024, then to £34,500, and finally to £38,700.

An additional £3,800 is required annually for the first kid and an additional £2,400 for each other child if the applicant is a parent. Accordingly, the applicant’s minimal income will be £24,800 for two dependent children and £27,200 for three.

Only the below-listed income courses are considered:

  • Income from working for oneself or from employment.
  • Pension of the partner or applicant.
  • In the UK, the partner receives bereavement benefits or maternity allowances.
  • Any additional savings and income that the partner or applicant designates.
  1. English language requirement for spouse visa UK

You have three options for showing your sufficient command of the English language if you’re applying for a spouse visa UK.

  • Taking an English language test: 

If you complete an English language test from a certified testing institution that follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), you will have met the language requirements. It needs to be at least A1 in both writing and speaking. In the event that you decide to stay longer in the UK, you have to show continuous improvement throughout your stay by passing at least a CEFR level A2.

  • Academic qualifications: 

If you have a degree or other academic credential that was taught in English, you will also satisfy the English language requirements.

  • Exemption: 

If you are exempt, you won’t have to fulfil the English language proficiency standards, such as if:

  • You are older than sixty-five.
  • You are unable to fulfil the criterion due to a medical or mental condition.

Required documents to apply for spouse visa UK:

When applying for a spouse visa UK, you’ll need to submit a number of documents, which could include:

  • Filled out application and paid application cost
  • Valid passport
  • Previous passports
  • Proof of your sincere and ongoing relationship, such as joint bills, photos, letters, and messages
  • Evidence of your proficiency in English (such as a certificate from a CEFR exam)
  • Two passport-sized colour pictures that comply with the UK’s specifications
  • Evidence that you have the necessary funds, such as pay stubs, savings accounts, and bank statements
  • Information on any prior, if any, immigration applications
  • Specifics of any convictions for crimes
  • If you possess one, your national insurance number
  • Evidence that you are staying in the UK
  • Biometric data, such as digital photos and fingerprints

Spouse visa UK spouse cost in 2024

In 2024, the application fee for a UK spouse visa is £1,048 if the application is submitted within the country, and £1,846 if it is submitted outside of it. Additional expenses consist of a £19.20 biometric fee and an Immigration Healthcare Surcharge of £1,035 per year starting on February 6, 2024. If you want to get a decision by the end of the following working day, the super-priority service charge is £1,000.


Contact My Legal Services in London, professional spouse visa solicitors if your partner or spouse’s visa application has been denied; they offer advice on the most promising route of step to take if you want to ensure that your case is successfully handled.

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