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Trends of Using Glass Enclosures in Home Renovation

In style are glass enclosures to cover terraces, porches, or attics or even divide or connect interior rooms.

These systems offer security for the different areas of our home, ensuring carefully designed and maximum protection.

In general, the interior enclosures of glass are laminated and made from tempered glass because it is more resistant. Crystals are available in different thicknesses to suit the weather and the area where they will be installed.

Glass enclosures are available with sliding and folding glass panels that allow full access to the outdoors without compromising space.

The upper and lower fastening profile is made from aluminum and is “invisible”.

What are the advantages of glass enclosures?

According to professional Home Renovators, installing a glass enclosure in an outdoor space (a patio, porch, terrace, or garden) allows us to enjoy the area throughout the entire year.

It also has the following advantages:

Energy Saving

We can insulate an outdoor area both thermally and acoustically by glazing it. This way, even if it is raining or freezing outside, we can still stay inside without getting cold or wet.

Glass enclosures can help reduce energy consumption at home. They allow more light in and create isolated spaces so that we can control the temperature easier.

Very aesthetic results

Glass interior enclosures can be used to decorate our homes or offices.

This type of solution is ideal for terraces that are located in attics. It eliminates the worry of the floor or the decoration being damaged by bad weather.

Environmentally friendly materials

Glass and aluminum are two materials that are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Glass enclosures come in many different types.

Slide windows

The most common type of glass enclosure is the sliding window. They are usually installed in apartments or flats and provide great flexibility when it comes time to close outdoor spaces, such as terraces.

The main advantage of this device is that you can use several leaves. This allows for different openings on both sides as well as in different directions. Saving space is another benefit.

Folding enclosures

When opened, these enclosures look like sliding windows but their leaves are folded together on one side. They are also flexible because they can be turned either inwards, or outwards.

Glass sliding doors

These windows are similar to sliding doors, but they don’t fold. They follow one direction by following a rail at the bottom and another at the top. You can also lock the windows same like door lock.

This type of glass enclosure can be used to create a transition from an interior or patio to a garden, allowing more light to enter and improving the view.

Glass curtains

The glass curtains do not have any profile. They are usually used to cover porches and terraces.

However, they can be used inside and in offices as well, which allows for better integration between spaces.

It is currently the most common type of enclosure. It occupies less area than a standard wall and has a minimalist and neutral aesthetic.

Slider enclosures

The sliding enclosures are a combination of the folding enclosures and the glass curtains.

The sheets are guided to one end by a guide, but they also have profiles that allow them to be adjusted to meet our requirements.

Shower and bath screens

These screens are made of resistant glass (in case of breakage they are broken into small fragments that don’t spread in the bathroom) and are extremely versatile. They help maintain safety and hygiene for the shower or bathroom.

Glass enclosures have many benefits, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

The Renovators of Canada provides kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and basement renovations in Barrie and other Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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