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Using the Internet to Effectively Prevent Cyberbullying

While the internet comes with a lot of perks, it, unfortunately, has some flaws as well. These flaws can lead to bad mental health and self-esteem issues, especially among young people such as teenagers. One of these flaws is cyber bullying which can leave quite a bad impact on children, therefore it is crucial that you prevent cyberbullying as much as you possibly can. Before you start your anti-cyberbullying crusade, you need to make sure you have an internet connection that is reliable enough for you to take proper action on the internet. 

This is where we would suggest that you go for Spectrum’s internet service since it is undeniably among the most reliable internet service providers (ISPs) in the country. Be sure to call Spectrum Customer Service so that you could get yourself an internet connection as soon as possible. Once you make sure that your internet service is up to par, here are some effective ways you can use to play your part in preventing cyberbullying:

Knowing What Cyberbullying is

The first thing that you need to do is to educate yourself on what cyberbullying is. You need to know the different types of cyberbullying that exist so that you recognize the signs that someone is being cyberbullied. One of the things that count in cyberbullying is when someone posts fake information about someone else or even goes on to post obscene pictures of someone on the internet. Sending someone abusive or threatening messages can also be considered cyberbullying. This is usually done by using means of messaging such as WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger. Pretending to be someone else and sending messages on their behalf is also a form of cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying typically leaves behind what is called a “digital footprint”, a trail that could be traced back to the person who carries out the cyberbullying in the first place. Therefore, there is always a high chance of the person who is the bully to be caught. 

Protect Your Accounts and Your Devices

The first thing that you should do is to protect your accounts and your devices as much as you possibly can. This also includes the kids in your house since they are the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One common behavior when it comes to cyberbullying is catfishing, therefore it is important that you keep a password on your children’s accounts. Not just their accounts but you need to have a parental password on everything that they use, this way you could make sure that your children are as protected as possible. 

You should also teach your children that they should not share their passwords with anyone else, not even their friends. You should teach them that passwords are a secret that they shouldn’t share with anyone else. 

Look for the Signs

Another important element is to look for signs in your children to see whether they are being cyberbullied or not. This is where you need to have a keen observation and need to recognize the signs. Some signs include too much or too less device usage in your children, expressing emotions while using their phone such as anger or sadness, hiding of screens when someone is nearby, social media accounts either shut down or new ones are made, your child starts becoming antisocial or your child starts showing general signs of depression. 

If you see any of these signs, you need to accept the possibility that your child might be getting bullied and you may even have to intervene to save them from the repercussions of cyberbullying. 

Talk to Your Children More Often and Openly

You need to make sure you are well communicative with your children and they feel comfortable while they are talking to you. You need to make them feel like you are their safe space and they can talk to you about anything at all. You need to educate your children about what cyberbullying is so that they would feel safe around you and would tell you if they are experiencing it. Be sure to ask your children about their everyday routine in school so that you are interested in their lives and be sure to ask them about their friends as well. 

Try to encourage your children to become role models and set examples for other children as well. They should actively advocate against cyberbullying and should motivate other children to do it as well. 

Wrapping Up

Cyberbullying is most certainly a menace to society that needs to stop. You can only bring a change if you start paying attention to your own house. You need to educate yourself and your children about cyberbullying and ways that you can prevent it. So be sure that you and your children play an active part in putting a stop to cyberbullying!

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