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What are the sign and symptoms of depression in children?

Have you ever noticed that your child is behaving differently, or is anything bothering them? A serious issue that almost 8 out of 10 parents are facing it. Sometimes it might be challenging for parents to distinguish between a normal reaction to usual circumstances and actual depression. However, Knowledge and understanding of childhood depression have not spread as quickly.

You’ll observe not only sad, gloomy moods but also more irritation and loss of interest in children who are depressed. Valley Pediatrics aims to support children combating depression or other mental issues around us. Children’s doctor Arab understand your child’s condition and are eager to treat them.  

Common causes of depression in children

The Causes of childhood depression can be varied. It can be caused by a variety of factors relating to physical health.

Stressful events

A child’s risk for depressive symptoms can rise in response to changes at home, with family, school, or with friends.

Family history

Children who have relatives with depression and mood disorders are more prone to depression at an early age.

Childhood trauma

Any adverse event that happened in the past that persistently occurs in mind leads to long-lasting trauma.

Genetic susceptibility

Irregular hormones and chemical levels may impact the brain. So, the chances of depression are more likely to occur.

How can you diagnose depression in children?

Depression in childhood and adolescence evince somewhat differently than it does in adults. Childhood depression frequently goes unidentified and untreated, depending on the child’s specific mental disorder. It happens because of some emotional and psychological changes that come with growth and development. The childcare specialists in Arab diagnose the weird behaviors of your child efficiently and provide the best treatment to prevent childhood depression.

Signs & Symptoms

The signs of pediatric depression can differ. The most prevalent symptoms of depression in children and teenagers are irritability and anger. However, other signs and symptoms may include:

♦ Changes in appetite, such as increase or decrease

♦ Alternation in sleep, such as excessive or no sleep

♦ Feelings of hopelessness and sadness that never go away

♦ Poor attention span

♦ Lethargy and low energy

♦ Feelings of regret or worthlessness

♦ Lack of concentration or clarity

♦ Elevated rejection sensitivity

♦ Easily irritated or angry

♦ Loss of interest in daily activities

♦ Physical complaints like headaches or stomachaches

♦ Social isolation

♦ Thinking of Suicidal attempts

♦ Vocal screams and crying

What steps can be taken to prevent depression in kids?

If you believe your child may be depressed, follow these steps:

Make time to listen

Don’t brush off their feelings; disregard them in the hope that they will go away or try to cheer them up. Spend time letting them know you’re aware of what they’re going through and that you will work hard to help them.

Keep track of your routine.

Negative emotions overwhelm the depressed children. These negative thoughts and feelings worsen the more time they dwell on them. So, try to keep them on daily activities to divert their attention.

Keep on going

Physical activity can assist with both the emotional and physical effects of depression. 

Look for expert assistance.

A qualified childcare specialist in Arab is always ready to assist your child in developing their coping skills and depression management. Moreover, having a person to speak about their problems can make good sense.

Support your child to fight depression with Valley pediatrics experts

Are you worried that your child may be depressed? Or are you looking for expert assistance? The childcare specialists in Arab are always prepared to help you in a difficult time when your child is struggling with depression. Valley Pediatrics experts manage all depressive actions and monitor the child’s behavior during medications. Get help now.

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