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What time of year is Umrah Cheapest?

Umrah is a journey towards the holy city of Mecca and Madinah. There are set of rituals which pilgrims have to perform in the Mecca including the Wearing Ihram, Performing Tawaf, Performing Sa’i, and performing the ritual of Halq o Taqseer. Most of the pilgrims of United Kingdom book the Umrah Packages from Islamic Travel to perform this holy duty of the Umrah. There are several time periods in the year in which Umrah becomes cheaper as compare to the other months of the Gregorian as well Islamic Lunar Calendar. Most of the pilgrims book the December Umrah Packages which is one of the cheapest Months in the Gregorian calendar to book Umrah. But we will not only discuss the Umrah in December as well as we will have a look on the other Umrah months in which a pilgrim can get the cheaper options to perform the Umrah pilgrimage.  People can book the individual Umrah services as well. But booking a package of the Umrah is best option to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage. In the off peak time travel, your prices of Umrah necessities including the Umrah flights, Umrah Hotel Accommodation, Transportation services, and Umrah VISA services becomes cheaper. We will discuss all these time periods in which the Umrah Package prices becomes cheaper as compared to the peak travel times.

Winter Months – Less crowded Months: 

December is the peak of the winter season and winter weather is quite pleasant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The weather of United Kingdom is colder so they perform the Umrah in the summer months that’s why Umrah in the month of December, Kaabah remains less crowded. This less crowded weather is kept until the January. So, many of the Muslims from the United Kingdom book the December Umrah packages to perform the Umrah Pilgrimage in the month of December. There are various factors for which Umrah Pilgrimage becomes more effective for the Umrah Pilgrimage. In the month of December or January you can touch and kiss the Black Stone which is one the beautiful Sunnah of Holy Prophet ﷺ. In this month Hotel Accommodation, Umrah VISA, Umrah International flights, and Ground Transportation services from Jeddah to Mecca are also cheaper in this month. This is because of the high availability of the seats in the Umrah Hotels and Umrah flights of the International flights. January is also one the best time of the year perform the Umrah Pilgrimage. 

What are Off-Peak Islamic Months for Umrah?

Here will discuss the months of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. Lunar Calendar is the one which follows the motion of the moon for the days of their weeks and months. This calendars was started after the Hijrat (Migration of the Holy Prophet ﷺ from Mecca to the city of Madinah due to clashes with the infidels of Mecca) of the Prophet ﷺ. Ramadan is one the best month to avail the Umrah package because Ramadan Umrah Packages provide you a chance to perform the Umrah Pilgrimage which is equal to the hajj Pilgrimage and more rewards as compare to the other months of Islamic Hijri Calendar. In the season of hajj, Islamic Travel offers the Hajj Packages which are cheaper as compare to the Hajj packages of our competitors. According a saying of Holy Prophet ﷺ Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to the hajj Pilgrimage. It is one the peak travel time for the Umrah Pilgrimage. If you want to avail the more spiritual level then you have to book the Umrah in the month of Ramadan but if you want to avail the cheap Umrah packages from the Islamic Travel and other travel agencies in the United Kingdom then you have to consult to these Umrah months which are discussed here.

Rajab ul Murajjab:

Rajab is one the important months of the Islamic calendar. Rajab is one the important months as well because Hazrat Ali RA was born in this month. Umrah in the month of Islamic calendar is cheaper. In this month of Islamic Calendar, Umrah packages are cheaper because this month falls two months before the Ramadan and Ramadan s peak travel time. Most of the people thought to perform the Umrah in the month of Ramadan and they don’t book the Umrah in the Month of Rajab. So, it makes the Rajab an ideal month to book the Umrah Packages. 


Shawwal is the tenth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and it comes immediate after the month of Ramadan or the month of Fasting. On the first of Shawwal Muslim celebrate an event which is name Eid ul Fitr which is one the month important religious festivals of the Islamic Tradition. The Kaabah is also less crowded in the month of Shawwal even who are working in the Mecca also go back to their homes to celebrate the Eid with their beloved ones. So you can also contact the Islamic Travel for booking of the Umrah packages in the month of Shawwal. 


Dhul Qi’dah or Zul Qi’dah is an Islamic Month in which Umrah becomes the cheaper because of hight availability of flights and hotel accommodation. As well as other services like Umrah VISA services and Transportation services from Jeddah International airport to the Mecca hotel also becomes cheaper ion this hotel. 


Dhul Hajj is one of the sacred month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar. In this month Hajj is performed which is an fifth main pillar of Islam and Muslims used to book the Hajj Packages from Islamic Travel or any other travel of the United Kingdom to perform the hajj. After the Hajj you can perform the Umrah packages because Umrah cannot be performed during the hajj period. The crowd after the hajj period is not so large. It provide an opportunity to perform the Umrah more conveniently as compare to the other month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. 

Final Verdict: 

I want to conclude here that the winter months are off peak season for the Umrah pilgrimage because during this time the price of Umrah flights, hotel accommodation, Transport services from Jeddah international airport to the Mecca hotel and Umrah VISA services. December and January are the best months to avail the Umrah Packages from United Kingdom. As for as Islamic Lunar Calendar is concerned, Rajab, Shawwal, Dhul-Qi’dah, and Dhul-Hijjah are the cheapest months for the Umrah Pilgrimage. These months keep less crowded among all the Islamic lunar months. You can contact the Islamic Travel for booking the cheapest Umrah packages from the United Kingdom. We are providing the Umrah Packages from various cities of United Kingdom with all the necessities which a pilgrim needs during the Umrah pilgrimage.

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