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Which is the Cheapest Month to Travel for Umrah?

For many Muslims worldwide, performing Umrah is a dream. The financial side of this trip can be the restriction despite its essential spiritual value. Depending on the season, travel expenditures, and lodging its costs might change dramatically.

This article will explore which month is the least expensive to travel to Umrah. Travelling to Umrah is not as easy for everyone. But you can make it easy for you when you perform it in your preferred and cheapest month. Finding the cheapest month for Umrah depends on the Cheap Umrah packages, so don’t rely on just the month.

Understanding the Peak and Off-Peak Season for Umrah

The peak season for Umrah usually occurs during notable Islamic months like Ramadan, after Hajj, etc. During these times, there is a significant demand for travel services which drives up the cost of airfare, lodging, and transportation. On the other hand, off-peak season for Umrah is not very expensive and you will find easy bookings.

Now we will see some factors that affect the cheapest month for Umrah:-

Factors depend on the cheapest month for Umrah

  1. Weather Conditions:

Saudi Arabia is a country of extremes with summers. Even while travel expenses may be less in the summer, not everyone may like the severe weather. Because of the generally milder temperatures, spring and autumn can offer enjoyable vacations without the high costs.

  1. Accommodation Rates:

The season and demand might have an impact on how much accommodation costs. Accommodation rates can go up during the peak season but they could go down during off-peak hours. It may be more cost effective for you to compare rates at other hotels and reserve lodging.

  1. Flight Fluctuations:

This is also a factor that depends on the cost of Umrah and you might notice that flight prices change even day by day. So, you can’t say that a particular month is cheap for Umrah. In Ramadan, Hajj, Muharram, etc. you will see that flight prices are expensive.

So, here are the recommendations and you can say that the cheapest months for Umrah. 


January is frequently cited as one of the most affordable months to travel for the Umrah. There is less demand for travel services after the holidays, which drives down the cost of hotels and airfares.


Another off-peak month to travel for Umrah is September. The demand for transport services declines as the summer heat waves pass and the temperatures become more bearable. 


Like September, October has a pleasant temperature and less demand for travel services. If you want to complete Umrah without going over budget, October might be a great option as long as the weather is nice.

Summer months:

Summer months such as May, June, July, and August are also considered cheaper months for Umrah. But these months are hot in Saudi Arabia and whether is very hot there. You should stay hydrated, take care of your health, and use an umbrella. But in summer, your Umrah experience might not be very good because of the scorching heat and weather of Mecca. 


Umrah is a very gratifying and spiritual experience with proper planning. Although there isn’t one factor for the cheapest Umrah package, there can be more. The cheapest month also depends on the country from which you are going to depart. For example, if you are going from the UK, the cheapest month can be April or May. These are just examples, actual prices depend on the Best Umrah travel agency UK. No matter in which month you are going to perform Umrah, the thing that matters is that your Umrah will go well and should be accepted near Allah (SWT).

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