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Which Languages Are Easy To Learn for Spanish Speakers?

Learning a new language provides you with manifold benefits. One of the foremost benefits is that you can communicate with people from different parts of the world with great confidence. Moreover, polyglot people are given importance everywhere. Whether it is your education or career, you can climb the ladder of success easily.

Learning a new language requires dedication and consistency. There are thousands of languages spoken around the world. Some languages are easy to learn while others are difficult to learn. People that don’t learn new languages take assistance from translation services to mitigate the communication barriers. For instance, if you are an English speaker and are unable to understand the Spanish language then Spanish translation services can be of great help. Here the important thing to note is that languages which are from the same group of families are easy to learn. If you are a Spanish speaker and want to learn a new language with less effort and time. Here is what we will cover in this article.  


Spanish speakers find it easier to learn English because the two languages are similar. Both languages have similar grammar and verb rules. English is also pronounced the way it is written.

Learning English can be tricky for non-native speakers, but it has many advantages. Most English words are spelled phonetically, making them easier to say and write. Also, many people worldwide speak English as their first language.

English is an official language in around 75 countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia. Over a billion people are learning English as a second language. Though not as popular as Chinese or Spanish, English is still one of the most popular languages.


If you speak Spanish and want to learn another language then Italian is a good choice. It is similar to Spanish in the alphabet and has many words. Therefore,  it is easier to learn. Since both are Romance languages, the grammar is not very different. But, finding learning materials in Spanish might be difficult. Also, some Spanish words don’t have an exact match in Italian, making communication hard sometimes. Here, Italian Translation services can be of great help. Although Italian grammar is similar to Spanish, there are differences, especially in verb conjugations. 


French is a Romance language like Spanish, so they share similar grammar. Both languages use the Latin alphabet, making reading easy. Knowing French can be valuable as it is spoken in Europe and North America. If you speak Spanish, you can learn French faster than English speakers because of their similarities. For Spanish speakers, learning French becomes even easier due to the shared alphabet and some common words. They might not even realize they are learning Spanish while picking up vocabulary from French. Learning French expands your vocabulary and knowledge of different cultures. Many Europeans speak French fluently, and France has a population of 65 million Therefore, learning French provides opportunities to speak to 65 million people. 

Portuguese and Arabic 

Portuguese is another language that is close to Spanish. Both languages are from the same group of languages. This is because Portugal and Spain have a mutual history of trade, political relations, and cultural exchange. Moreover, they both remained under the colonization of the Roman Empire. During that time people used to speak Vulgar Latin and for written purposes, they used Classic Latin. As both languages originated from Vulgar Latin so they share many similarities. Therefore, if you get confused between both languages Spanish translation services can be of great help. With the help of translation services, you can differentiate between their vocabulary and pronunciation. 

The Spanish people are also greatly influenced by the Moors. It is the ethnic group of Arabs. Therefore many Arabic words have also been added to the Spanish language. It has influenced the way words are constructed in the Spanish language. On the other hand, Portuguese is not much influenced by the Arabic language. This is because Arabic is mutually intelligible with Vulgar Latin. As a Spanish speaker, you can learn the Portuguese language easily. In your learning venture, if you still need to communicate in Portuguese then you must take assistance from Portuguese translation services

Polish and Russian 

If you speak Spanish, learning Polish can be easy. Both languages have similar grammar rules, and many Polish words are similar to Spanish ones. Polish uses the same alphabet as English, so spelling won’t be hard. Unlike some European languages, Polish doesn’t have letters with accents.

For Spanish speakers, Russian might not be as easy as Polish. Russian also has some grammatical similarities with Spanish and similar words, but it has more challenging aspects like consonant clusters and long vowel sounds. Practice and patience can help overcome these difficulties.


Catalan is like Valencian and both are considered the same language by experts. It is a language spoken in a part of Spain with its government. In Barcelona, many people speak this language instead of the more widely known Spanish (Castellano). Catalan and Spanish have some similarities because they share the same origins. To differentiate between both the languages and to learn Catalan in its original form Spanish translation services can be of great help. 

Wrapping Up 

Because of digitalization, learning a new language has become very easy, you can find a lot of language-learning material on the Internet. Moreover, you can use podcasts for learning the Spanish language. With dedication and focus, you can learn new languages easily.

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