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Why restaurants should install eye washes for worker safety

Do you want to find out why restaurants should have eye showers for worker safety? If yes, then this guide helps you understand how an eye shower plays a major role in restaurants to increase worker safety. 

In general, a restaurant is the place where the workers have more chances of getting affected by hot boiling oils and hazardous chemicals. Due to the temperature and heavy smoke in the surrounding area, they may have more irritation problems in their eyes. 

Sometimes, it may also lead to permanent vision loss. Hence it is necessary for the restaurants to take required actions and increase worker safety. 

Importance of eye shower:

Usually, in the restaurant, there is a requirement of some hazardous materials. Therefore, there are a lot of chances for workers to get a risk of exposure directly to such substances. 

It is mandatory for those who have met with an accident to wash their eyes within 10 to 15 seconds. When you get into exposure of the corrosive materials, then sure the first 10 to 15 seconds is very much important. 

These substances can cause serious injuries to the workers like chemical burns, corneal damage, vision loss and much more. Taking necessary treatment can help workers to get rid of these issues and hence it is a must for restaurants to install the eye shower

Impact of eye shower:

There are different range eyewash stations and emergency eye showers available that help workers to wash their eyes immediately once they meet an accident. The usage of eye washes is very simple and hence they can get quick recovery from the accident. 

It can easily help workers to get rid of chemicals or other dirt from their eyes very easily. Its limited water flow force can get into the eyes deeply and overcome the issues. Considering installing eye washes in restaurants sure can be the best idea for everyone.

Why must restaurants have eye washes? 

Restaurants are getting new funds and with that they can focus more on certain food service establishments such as workplace safety. But most of the restaurants are not showing the attention towards installing the eye showers. It leads to expensive and disastrous consequences. 

The restaurant owners think they can use those spending in other food services. But there is no other food service that is more important than increasing workplace safety. Proceed the blog further and understand how the eye wash station in the restaurant can increase workers safety from serious injury. It can also help to overcome costly workers safety fines. 

Currently the government is monitoring the activities of restaurants carefully. They not only concentrate on the food service, but also their workplace safety. Restaurants have to pay the fines if they don’t have workplace safety equipment such as eye showers. 

If they delay to pay a fine, then it may also lead to cancellation of their restaurant licenses. Therefore, it is better for restaurant owners to install eye washes on their restaurant and prevent them from paying fines.  

What are the restaurant safety guidelines?

Based on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, facilities like restaurants, chemical industries, hospitals, laboratories, etc must have an eye shower. By using that eye washes, workers can easily flush out their eyes when they have a direct contact with the caustic or corrosive materials. 

It is also to be noted that the administration ordered these eye washes in the easy to reach workplace. It is mainly since, if any worker has met any accident, then they should wash their eyes within 10 to 15 seconds to avoid serious issues. 

If not, they may have the chance of losing their vision permanently. It can also act as the emergency treatment or first aid before taking to the hospital. Therefore it is better to have nearby access, so that workers can easily wash their eyes and get rid of irritation.

Hazardous chemicals or corrosive materials are the major substances that are present in chemical agents and cleaners. These kinds of materials are regularly used in the cleaning products that the restaurants use to clean utensils, grills and some other areas. 

Workers who use these hazardous substances for a while to clean the restaurant may have the chance of ending up injuring themselves. The cleaning agents are really bad for the environment and vision if they do not handle carefully. 

If any restaurant fails to have an emergency shower or eyewash station in the place where staff use cleaning agents, they must get ready to pay a fine. It is based on the type of materials that restaurants use and other risks involved for the workers. But, it is the better idea to go through the restaurant safety guidelines thoroughly and follow OSHA regulations properly. 

Better worker safety:

Emergency showers, eyewash stations and some other safety equipment can increase worker safety to the next level with regulatory compliance. Generally, restaurants are a fast-paced environment. Due to that, the representatives and owner of the restaurant must think about providing the proper safety measures if there is any accident. 

Even if you run a small restaurant that doesn’t need to follow any regulations, it is still better for you to install the eye washes for the worker’s safety. If you don’t have any workers in your small restaurant, keep the eye washes for your personal safety or your customer’s safety. 

On the whole, having proper eye washes everywhere near your facilities can safeguard everyone’s lives in emergency circumstances. With that, your restaurant operations will also never get any interruption and run smoothly. 

Conclusion:From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the idea about why restaurants should have eye shower for worker safety. A proper eye washes station can effectively and quickly flush the eyes with saline solution or water during emergency circumstances. It can quickly remove the harmful substances from the eyes and give immediate relief. Hence it is better for the restaurants to install the eye washes in their facility for workers safety.

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