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Why You Should Choose Windstream Internet


If you have to move to another city and can not find your favorite internet connection there. What will you do? Will you wait for your old provider to operate there? No, Right? The best you can do is find an alternative.

There are multiple internet service providers operating in the US, and if we have to talk about the best in town, Windstream Internet pops up in mind. Windstream has been one of the fastest in providing speed to consumers. The provider has always been pocket-friendly so that users can have maximum advantage and pay less than others.

In this guide, I’ll tell you why and how Windstream Internet is better than the others.

Why should you opt for Windstream?

Highlighting some of the major factors that make Windstream better than the others.

  • Speed

Speed was, is, and will be the major concern for the users. But not in Windstream, as it is one of the largest 8 gig providers in the US right now. The craziest part is, that the 8gig plan is available in most parts of the states, so if you are a high-end gamer and want to enhance your experience, or if you are a series addict, you literally don’t need to worry about anything because Windstream will take good care of you and your needs.

  • Better Conventional Internet

DSL is the conventional form of internet, and many providers currently offer DSL service in rural areas, but when it comes to providing DSL with good quality. No one can do better than Windstream, which has provided DSL with speed and reliability. 

  • No Data Caps

You must download huge files this month, but your favorite internet provider has bound you to a limited boundary. Sounds boring. Do you know why? Because If you are a Windstream consumer, you would definitely know that Windstream believes in zero data caps. Users can download as many large files as they want, and you can stream and even download your favorite web series with full seasons.

  • Term Agreement

Are you still bound by 1 year or 2-year term agreement with your favorite service provider? Not in Windstream because it never bounds the users for any term agreement. As a user, I believe you should have the right to choose what network you choose; in Windstream, you are even allowed to upgrade or downgrade your plan. If you feel like 2 gigs are too much for you, downgrade your plan to 1 gig. You don’t have to pay any extra charges while terminating your network. 

  • Reliability

For Windstream, it wouldn’t matter if you are downloading files or browsing because Windstream has more than 90 percent reliability. Users mostly face outage issues, but in Windstream, you will have nearly zero outage issues.

  • Price

One of the major reasons why Windstream is better than the others is the “Price” factor. The provider gives users maximum advantage by providing them blazing speeds at less than the others. If you compare Spectrum or any other known broadband network, then you will know how less Windstream costs you. 

  • Fiber Internet

Another major reason for switching your old connection to Windstream should be pretty simple: Speedy Fiber. Windstream has one of the US’s fastest and most reliable internet systems right now.
Just imagine your work from home without connectivity issues, gaming without lags, and web series without buffer. Can’t imagine. Well, now it is possible because Windstream offers flashy speeds up to 8 GB per second, and unlike others, Windstream offers 8gbps in download and 8gbps in upload, too. 

  • Kinetic Visa Prepaid Card

You get something when you buy internet from your favorite service provider? NO? Windstream offers a $100 Kinetic Visa Prepaid Card to all the new consumers who buy its internet package. I believe these things can surely make any broadband network one of the biggest in the league.


I agree that other bigger names are operating in the market, but as a consumer, you should know who is providing value to your money, and I’m sure you will think about Windstream because it has been one of the most reliable and fastest internet in the town. Now, you can make a good choice by opting for Windstream.

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