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Eyes on Safety: A Guide to Choosing the Best Armourx Glasses

For sports safety glasses, there are two distinct groups to consider. They must be protected while also being comfy. Wearing armourx safety glasses with poorly fitting or inconvenient will take your attention away from your game and offer your opponent an advantage. Here are the specifications for your safety eyewear to keep you protected and engaged at your workplace.

Approve Safety Standard

Your armourx safety glasses should mark through rigorous ANSI testing. The (ANSI) American National Standards Institute establishes standards. To receive the approval of the ANSI stamp, safety glasses z87 must pass the highest level of safety tests.

  • Impact Test at High Speeds. During this test, safety goggles are fastened to a head form, and the ball bearing is blasted at high speeds directly at the lens. It replicates the impact of debris (or a ball) on the lens.
  • Test for High Mass Impact. This test is done by dropping a heavy ball bearing from a specific height onto the lens.

The eyewear must not shatter or break in order to pass the test. If it happens so, the manufacturer of the product will need to undertake some work. If the glasses pass, the ANSI seal will be engraved on some section of the body of the spectacles.

Safety from All Side

You wear armourx prescription safety glasses to protect your eyes. Regular shades and prescription glasses are not designed to safeguard your eyes from the threats you encounter when participating in your favorite activities.

For example, ordinary glasses expose your eyes in two critical areas: right above the eyes close to the brow, and on every side of your head from the temple side. The areas of weakness are places where a competitor can attack. Protect these locations with side shields. Side and top shields attach to the eyeglasses lenses and provide protection for your eyes.

You’ve definitely seen wraparound versions, which use a curved lens instead of a specialized side cover to provide side protection. These wraparound best safety glasses distort your eyesight, especially if you use prescription safety glasses. Due to this effect, these kinds of safety glasses are not suggested for performing any task with precision.

UV Protection

It is always recommended to wear UV-blocking safety glasses even if your favorite sport takes place indoors. It removes the need to shift between shades and safety glasses. If you’re going to be outside, you should definitely wear UV protection. UV light is harmful to your eyes, causing them to age and disrupting the macula’s powers.

Every pair of armourx glasses is composed of polycarbonate, which is automatically UV-blocking and does not require tinting. That is, SafetyEyeGlsses (SEG) eyewear safely protects against dangerous UV rays without becoming darker in your specs to the point that you can’t see what you’re doing.

Comfort And Style-

After safety standards, safety glasses are not really safe if you don’t wear them. You probably won’t unless you feel like a rock star while wearing it. Therefore, armourx safety glasses bring together comfort, style, and safety. Fortunately, in the realm of safety glasses, this is achievable.

Anti-Fog Treatment

You play your favorite sports all year, which means that regardless of how hot, or freezing it is outside. Safety glasses with anti-fog treatment are recommendable. Fogging glasses are inconvenient for more reasons than one. Fogged-up glasses are quite dangerous. They induce you to take your gaze away from the game and lost focus. Anti-fog-coated safety eyewear protects your eyes by eliminating the need to take off them for cleaning.

Blue Light Filtering

Blue light is another type of hazardous light. Blue light, like UV light, is emitted by the sun, but it also originates from other sources, such as LED lights, televisions, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. So, as you’re trying to submit the winning hit video, you’re also straining your eyes to light, which could cause:

  • Strained vision
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vision distortion
  • Eyes that are teary and watery

Furthermore, researchers are unsure whether it will create a long time impairment of your eyes. They are aware, however, that it may have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm. That, my friends, could have a detrimental impact on your game day.

Every aspect of protection mentioned above is included in our protective eyewear, which is built in a sleek, elegant chassis that lens shape and color can customize. Do you want to wear smoky grey cat eye lenses in your working area? Of course, no. Safety glasses shield your eyes and face.

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