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How Much Weight Can You Lose by Water Fasting For 7 Days?

When it comes to losing weight, people can try different things to do the same, however, it is important to know the correct methods and even the dangers of the following any process to lose weight. 

Water fasting is also a very used method that is used by the numerous people for hundreds of years when they want to lose weight but, doing water fasting without proper information can be harmful to you and that is why here in the guide, it is our duty to tell you everything about water fasting and how you can lose your weight with the same. 

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting simply refers to the fasting process where a person consumes no food for the period that they are fasting for. The person only consumes water and this technique has been used for a lot of years whenever someone wants to lose weight quickly.

 The 7 day water fast is more extreme than any other fasting and that is why people choose this method when they want to see immediate results. People can consume unsweetened versions of black coffee or green tea when they are water fasting as this breaks the monotonous process of drinking plain water. 

It is an extreme version of water fasting which includes consuming water only for one week and people who practice water fasting are not allowed to permit non-caloric beverages such as green tea, a slice of lemon or lime, herbal tea, club soda, black coffee, seltzer water, etc. 

According to the studies extended fasting under which water fasting comes can result in positive effects such as losing weight, losing body fat, decreasing stress levels, gaining ketogenesis, the reduced sugar level in the blood.

How can you do a 7-day water fast?

Well while many people think that this is harmful, the goal of this 7-day fast is to break the eating process and allow your body to repair and replenish. The technique can be a little dangerous if you are not following all the steps correctly and you also need to make sure that your body can manage the effects of water fasting. It is important to take professional help before you decide that you want to do water fasting as a professional will tell you the correct way to start and complete your water fasting. 

Preparation for the fast

In order to start fasting, you need to prepare your body for the same for 48 hours as you need to have enough nutrients and strength in your body to complete water fasting. Also, you can attempt a two-day or 16 hours water fast before the 7 days of fasting to ensure that your body will be adjusting well to the less intake of food and more water. 

The Fasting process

If you are wondering if fasting for 7 days is healthy then, you need to follow the correct steps and it is important to maintain the process intake of your body even if you are not consuming food that is solid.  With the help of Fasting methods, Overweighted people try to lose their weight in a short period of time.

You should not consume any food during the time of the fasting process as this can also increase several nutrients in your body and result negatively. 

You also need to choose the correct food items when you are breaking your fast as food items like kefir and yogurt will be helpful food items for you. You can also drink vegetable juice when you are breaking your fast. There are a lot of other things too that you need to know about Water fasting and you can know about them on the blogging website Healthgroovy.

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