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5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Going on a Cruise

A cruise is a wonderful vacation option that lets you visit exotic locations, spend time with family and friends, and relax after a stressful year. But there are some things you will want to remember when packing for your cruise. PartsVu is a Leading Boat Accessories company.  Whether you are an experienced cruiser or this will be your first trip, these tips from PartsVu can help make it one for the books.


Skip the sunscreen, and you’ll regret it later. Especially if you’re going on a cruise because the sun is everywhere. It’s shining through the windows of your cabin, glaring off the ocean and down on all of the new friends you’ve made!

So what’s a sun-loving cruise-goer to do? In addition to packing your sunscreen (and wearing sunglasses), some other things might help keep your skin safe when you’re out and about on this tropical vacation.

Your Passport

Your passport is the most important thing you should bring when going on a cruise. Without it, you can’t get on the boat and start your vacation.

A passport is a document that proves who you are and allows for international travel. You need one to get on a cruise ship, and it must be valid for at least six months after the end of your trip.

If you’re planning on bringing children with you on your cruise, they will also need passports if they travel internationally (even if they’re traveling with their parents).

Waterproof Phone Case

If you’re going to be taking a cruise, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget—a waterproof phone case.

OK, so it’s not the most exciting thing to pack. And yes, it will add some weight and bulk to your luggage. But when you’re out on the water, surrounded by saltwater and waves, you don’t want to worry about whether your phone is protected from the elements.

A waterproof phone case will keep your device safe from splashes or even submersion in water. It also makes it easier for you to take pictures of all those beautiful marine life—who knows? You might even get lucky enough to see some whales!

Motion Sickness Medication

Motion sickness is a common problem on cruises and can make your trip miserable. If you have motion sickness, you’re not alone: up to 30% of adults experience nausea and vomiting when they travel on a boat.

To help you avoid motion sickness, we’ve rounded up a few things you should remember before you get on board:

  1. Make sure you take all the medication that your doctor has prescribed for you. Don’t forget to bring your medications with you on a cruise!
  2. Plan and book your cruise during the off-season. Seas are generally calmer during this time of year than during the summer months or holidays (such as Thanksgiving).
  3. Choose an upper deck cabin for sleeping rather than one below deck because these cabins are less affected by movement from waves or wind gusts.

A Good Book

You’re going to be on a ship for a few days, and you might need access to WiFi. So you’ll want to bring a book! But which one should you choose?

First, make sure it’s an easy read. If there are words you need to learn, too many characters that look alike, or confusing plotlines, you’ll get bored fast and end up spending the whole trip staring at your phone. Take the easiest one if you’ve got at least three books on your reading list. Then when you’re done with that one, move on to the next one in line!

Ask your friends if you need help figuring out where to start looking for good reads! They’ll know what books they love and why they love them—and who knows? They might even recommend some books for YOU!

An Extra Pairs of Shoes

If you’re going on a long-distance trip, you should always pack an extra pair of shoes. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go sightseeing and realizing that your favorite pair of sneakers has a hole in the sole.

You’ll be glad you remembered your extra pair of shoes when it’s time for dinner, and there are only sandals or flip-flops available for everyone else. So make sure to pack an extra pair of shoes!

You can also use this extra pair to try a new style or brand. If you’ve wanted to try out some hiking boots, but have yet to find the right occasion, now is your chance!

Select Your Cruising Accessories – PartsVu is a Leading Boat Parts Supplier

If you’re looking for cruising accessories, you’ve come to the right place. PartsVu is a leading boat parts supplier and have a wide selection of parts and accessories in our catalog.

As you know, PartsVu is a Leading Boat Accessories shop. We know that choosing the right cruising accessories can be difficult. We’ve done our best to make this process easier by providing detailed descriptions and images for each item. If you need more information about these items, contact us!

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