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Why Are Packaging Inserts Very Popular in the Printing Industry?

Successful packaging is more than a catchy design. It’s all about delivering the best to your clients. To make it an excellent experience, you can add packaging inserts to boost not only the consumers’ interest but also the product sales.

Packaging inserts can be a great choice for featuring your brand’s strengths and loyalty while spreading awareness about new products, discounts, or other promotional stuff. These custom inserts will be a surprise once the buyer opens his/her package.

In the era we are living in, people are so conscious about the packaging as well as the product. Their expectations are getting hyped with every new addition to the industry’s innovation. 

Let’s have a look at why these custom-printed packaging inserts are popular in the industry!

Exploring the Advantages of Packaging Inserts in the Printing Industry

  1. Add Up to the Consumer Unboxing Experience

One of the top-class benefits that can’t be ignored about packaging inserts wholesale is they elevate the customers’ unboxing experience. We all, as a customer, will never prefer to have every product we buy in that old brown cardboard box.

Who hates to have some eye-catching and funky look product box when we open the box? Here comes the little insert surprise! I think we all will love such a protocol we are given by any brand and will definitely prefer it over others for other purchases too.

A few years back, people were not so conscious about the unboxing experience, but now it has become one of the best marketing tools for any product in the industry.

  1. Booster for Brand Loyalty

You know what? Retaining your existing customers is far more difficult than bringing some new clients. Brands constantly look for ways they can opt to hold their clients, and printed packaging inserts assist exceptionally in this regard.

One can easily pitch the customer with impulse purchasing as you are giving them the protocol, with loyalty without any discrimination using custom packaging inserts. People love to receive special treatment, and when they have it, they will definitely get back to you for further purchases.

  1. Source of Information Regarding the Product

Inserts are never confined to product branding and marketing. They are also used to inform the customer about the product and how it can be used to ease your work. This product information can be anything like ingredients, warning, or any other related stuff.

Apart from providing information about the product, you can even use these inserts to communicate with your clients by telling them about your brand values and how they can contact you to avail of further services.

  1. Budget Friendly

Last but not least, the advantage of packaging inserts is they are cost-effective. You can enjoy brand and product promotion with such tiny cards that offer a lot more than they cost.

To make a clear sketch of the custom packaging inserts’ budget in your mind, let me tell you one thing that will clear you why they are so inexpensive. These inserts are manufactured from low-cost materials like corrugate making them cheap and affordable for everyone. 

Furthermore, opting for digital printing can also enhance the cost-effectiveness of custom packaging inserts. It minimizes setup costs and enables on-demand production.

How do Packaging Inserts Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty?

  • Guide Books for Tips and Tricks

Guidebooks are a great way to boost customer engagement and loyalty. The consumers not only avail exceptional quality products but also enjoy effective and right instructions on how to use the product and dispose of it properly so it does not harm the environment.

You can use packaging inserts as a guide book but make sure the instructions delivered are clear and friendly. For example, if you are dealing in some craft business and selling DIY kits, you can add safety precautions regarding kit usage in the guidebook.

  • Relishing Gifts and Discounts with Packaging Inserts

Next comes a discount and gift opportunity with custom packaging inserts. You can inform your consumers about the discount offers with custom printed packaging inserts. 

In case you are delivering these discount offers, they might get into spam folders, and the consumers will never know what they have missed. So, there is an easy way to inform them about the gifts and discount opportunities by writing the details on the packaging inserts. 

Also, it will serve as a reminder whenever they glance at the card. You can write great eye-catching offers to grab the consumers’ attention, like getting a 30% discount on the next purchase from our brand!

  • Personalized Notes and Thankyou Cards

Personalized notes and thank you cards – another way to boost customer engagement and loyalty. This will not be that expensive, and you can show your gratitude and affection towards the consumers with this thoughtful gesture of handwritten thank you cards. 

These inserts can be effective, and you can outshine your competitors with this trick. Boosting consumer satisfaction might not be that tacking. You just need a proper plan with an effective strategy that covers all aspects of delivering the best to your client.

  • Social Media Engagement with Product Samples and Sharing Requests

Social media engagement and sharing product reviews also imparts a major role in representing your brand loyalty toward the consumers. You can easily ask for reviews with custom packaging inserts by encouraging social interactions and engagement.

There are many brands out there that use packaging inserts smartly and have built a massive community by connecting their clients with their social media channels where the consumers can share their product experience resulting in the brand’s product promotion.

Why Are Packaging Inserts Essential in the Printing Industry?

Every shipment means you’ll either meet, exceed or fall short of consumer expectations. Brands look for ways they can choose to make the consumer’s unboxing experience one of the best experiences of their life.

Here are some of the notable points that justify why packaging inserts are essential tools in the packaging industry! Let’s go through them!

  • Inserts can be highly targetable for most the industries
  • Amazing quality cross-selling
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase customer loyalty

Final Thoughts

Packaging inserts can be an exceptional idea to differentiate your brand from your competitors. You can easily connect with your customer by smartly playing with custom printed packaging inserts.

What you have to do is remind the customers about your product benefits and how it adds value to their life with pitch-selling techniques. And what you get is a lot of repeat orders with increased sales and brand revenue.

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