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Top Brawlers  in 2024 Update That Will Change Your User Experience

Did you know something exciting about Supercell, the company that launched Brawl Stars in 2018? 

Oh, you think we are going to discuss its popularity in the gaming fraternity? Well, you are right about it but there is something else which we would want you to know… 

Fun Fact #1: Brawl Stars Update in 2024: 

There were quite less Brawlers back in the days when it started as a smartphone game. But now, in 2024, you will see a whole new world around it because there are more than seventy-five (75) characters in the game who are meant to come with specific skills and powers. 

Fun Fact #2: Mandatory Categorization of Brawlers  

Knowing that there so so many Brawlers, it was mandatory to place Brawlers in different tiers. The most pronounced (read: highlighted) Brawlers of April 2024 include Buzz, Melodie, and Angelo. 

What does it suggest? Why there are updates every couple of months? 

Supercell, the Finnish company never misses out on how to make a game go viral among professional, enthusiast gamers. Even the games before Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, another game by the same company kept on updating the game – so much that it started to make hype. Considering the same strategy, in this game too, Supercell augmented the hype by updating it regularly. So, if you are still deprived of the experience and exposure of the game, we would highly recommend you get a Brawl Stars account

Brawlers: The Characters and their Tiers in 2024 

There are several tiers of the Brawlers in the game. For example; 

Tier E: the most vulnerable and weak in actions and powers. 

Tier S+: the strongest ones with the most amazing powers and abilities to defeat competitors. This tier has the following Brawlers: 

  • Fang 
  • Hank 
  • Squeak 
  • Larry & Lawrie 
  • Jacky 
  • Nita 
  • Doug 
  • Maisie 
  • Bonnie 
  • Leon 
  • R-T 
  • Pearl 
  • Buster 

Tier S: this category is as powerful and pro-level as S+. However, the Brawlers of this tier include; 

  • Meg
  • Mr. P 
  • Rosa
  • Sandy 
  • Melodie 
  • Emz 
  • Otis 
  • Eve 
  • Ash
  • Sam 
  • Jessie 
  • Bibi 
  • Grom 
  • Mandy 
  • Griff 
  • Gray 
  • Frank 
  • Crow 
  • Shelly 
  • Tara 
  • 8-Bit 
  • Bo 

Note: There are several other tiers which are not mentioned here because these three are hyped after the update. 

Top 3 Brawlers in the Latest Update (April 2024) 

Based on the powers, abilities, and viability, the following Brawlers are considered best in 2024’s latest update. Hey! Wait. Before you go on to the details, please note that the game is not free anymore. You are supposed to buy Brawl Stars accounts with real money to start playing it with your friends, competitors online, etc. 

Best Brawler #1: Leon 

This is the most powerful Brawler but due to its complex kit, not many get used to the Leon. However, if you familiarize yourself with Leon, it will repay (metaphorically speaking, obviously characters in the game can’t repay) you with the best results. 

So, the powers of Leon include attacking with 4 blades (something great for long-range usage). 

Best Brawler #2: Melodie 

As soon as the new season Ragnarok was introduced, Melodie became a piece of gossip. It is not only because this Brawler is amazingly quick and knows how to combat close-ranged targets, but also due to the fact that Melodie is extremely dynamic in playstyle. Another reason for her popularity is the similarities with Mortis and Fang, two other characters who are equally famous in the Brawler Stars community. 

Best Brawler #3: Squeak

Using this Brawler is always in your favour because it gives you the right approach and way to defeat an opponent’s entrance in particular areas. The best thing that can happen around Squeak is it changes into a tank or something similar once needed. Squeak is best for two Heist mode and Siege mode.

Takeaway: Best Game with Excellent User Experience 

Since the game is always tapping into new explorations, users find it addictive – which is why it is not recommended to users below 13 years of age. Although the game is readily available in iOS and Android operating systems, it is still not free to use. You have to get Brawl Stars accounts for sale to make sure your stay remains long and productive in the community. 

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